Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Shiver of Sharkies pt. 4

The final chapter of the most epic weekend..
The same brandy top, BM galaxy legs, JC Saturn wedges, pyramid necklace, and the usual belt/pack combo. 
We started the final day off crazy early at 730 to make it to the elevator for the 8am  'lucky dip' which Christina and I were both drawn for (lucky dip being a sample sale of all the goodies blackmilk brought for is lovelies to try on, but they did drawings for all the items in each size cuz there were more ladies than items brought). We went up $40 in hand to get either a $40 or $20 item and we're pleased with our goodies. 
Next on the agenda was the 930 galaxy pic and goodbye breakfast at the Irish pub Ri Ra, and tons of us girlies showed up for the fun. Got a series of great pix from all the galaxy varieties, and it was a fantastic turnout

Since there were way more of us than could pack into the pub, brekkie was changed to the buffet in the casino, though $30 was a touch too pricey for my bud and I so we headed back to the pub, met up with boyfriend after he'd checked us out and put our luggage in storage, and enjoyed a nice little meal still much too early. 
The boytoy had a few sports bets he was waiting on, so we wandered around gambling a bit, or watched more like, then found a bar to get a few mimosas in us- if we couldn't sleep, had to be awake, and had to be there, might as well keep the alcohol flowing. Wound up playing backjack on the little bartop machines too and managed to make it up to $5 (high rollers over here) and got the best notice on Facebook we could imagine--- last chance lucky dips open to everyone still there in any size but s and m. Needless to say we dropped some money on the bar and peaced the fuck out, literally running to the elevators. 
We managed to wind up about 5th in line, got the last two extra smalls, and I couldn't have been happier. Got the jack o lantern skater dress (a 48 hr item gone forever now) and Christina got some leggings she opted to swap 
My snazzy wins ^^^

Floating on cloud nine, we did some more watching of boyfriend gambling, and around 2 made the long journey home to Orange County hitting oodes of traffic all the way 
Goodbye Vegas! Until next sharkiecon :)

A Shiver of Sharkies pt 3

Outfit 1:
One Teaspoon Eagle's Shadow bikini top (also called Superman bodice), top from LF, BM silver mermaid legs, JC Affair kitten heels, handmade necklace from Laguna Sawdust festival, and the usual accessories of the weekend
Too fucking early. That's how the day started. I was not a happy camper. But we needed to meet our sharkie friends and kin at the Shark Reef aquarium in Mandalay Bay by 10am. Btw, I hadn't been hungover in a few years, but this one definitely snuck up on me. So the morning was definitely rough. 
For being small, the aquarium was actually super cool- had some super interesting animals like a Komodo dragon and piranha, but the main attraction was definitely the shark reef itself, shaped like a shipwreck with glass spots in the floor to look down at things swimming beneath you. 

Outfit 2:
BM inverted ribs swim, maxi slit skirt from brandy melville, and sparkly Sam Edelman flats 
The pool part started at 1230, though Christina and I were so dead from being up late, the the aquarium, that we didn't even make it til much closer to 2- our nap lasted quite a bit longer than we initially intended. But bf, Christina and I did actually make it down, chilled with the group in the lazy river for a while, then got some much needed food before walking a bit with a lipstick'd jL back to the pool party to hang out for a bit longer. Can't believe how tired we were, but we still made it tithe event so at least effort was made. 

We didn't stay through 5, but went back to the room, showered, and started getting ready for the evening and roamed around the casino for a bit just taking everything in. A super nice interlude between the crazy. 
On top of that we had some fantastic sushi at this place Kumi inside Mandalay that was pretty much to die for, though ridiculously expensive. At least we were able to do one fancy meal!
Nomnomnom pancetta...

Outfit 3:
BM sick of men leggings, JC foxy platforms, brandy melville top, Micheal Michaud cherries necklace and bracelet, and the usual accessories. 
The arcade event started at 10 in New York New York, which was a bit of an experience. The arcade was nothing like what I was expecting, but it's the one that has the roller coaster on top, so that was pretty fancy, though we were pretty exhausted so didn't stay very long. We did however get a fun little magic show from a guy working at the magic store inside the casino. Super worth the trip. 

But it wound up being another night of late roamings around Mandalay and little sleep before another early morning. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Shiver of Sharkies pt. 2

Friday (continued)
Outfit 2:
For pants-off Friday, figured I should wear a skirt. So wound up wearing my jellies dress, skull litas, Agent Provocateur socks, a juicy couture ring, an old necklace of my grandmother's, fox and owl sharkie belt and skirt garters, and finally my nifty shark fanny pack. Yeah, that cool. 
The podcast was 4pm in front of the Belagio fountains, and there were a redonkulous number of Sharkies in attendance. Like waaaaay more than they were anticipating. We completely took over the area. To the point where random people were taking gazillions of pix of us all. JL even sharkie surfed. 
But anyhow, we watched the fountain show, took part in the podcast, then did pants-off Friday for all interested. Overall we're there about an hourish socializing and the like, met up with our name tag buddies, and met some new friends sharing a car ride to the event. 
Not gonna lie, I did a pretty fancy name tag for my buddy, the only problem was it wound up being a touch big for the holder... Whoops!
After the podcast, Christina and I decided to be idiots and walk all the way from the Belagio fo Mandalay Bay, took us like 50mins and got bit on by super creepers. Not fun. And all in heels. We learned a valuable lesson. 

Outfit 3:
Got all fancy for the nighttime fun, with the mermaid skirt, fox and owl garters and sharkie belt, Sam Edelman Zoe booties, a sheer crop tank from LF, juicy ring and Agent Provocateur socks again, and then a bustier a friend bought at a vintage shop. 
Friday night at Hard Rock Cafe on the strip was definitely the Big Event for the weekend, complete with story time, open bar, appetizers, and ice cream all on the third floor of the place with a fantastic view of the strip. Mind blowingly awesome 

We met some new friends, said hi to some we'd met earlier in the day, and had a looooot to drink. They even had these special little 'sharktinis' for us.

To top it off, Christina and I both won the raffle, with our names called one right after the other. Couldn't even believe how awesome it was to hear us both, and we deunkenly climbed on stage to get our glorious black bags of happiness and soon to be released blackmilk. In the stupor I managed to break one of my garters, and we stood up there laughing, hugging, deliriously happy that we both had fancy new shiny things. 
Boyfriend even showed up at 1030 for the after party party, then I somehow lost a couple hours after that cuz all of a sudden it was 12 and we needed to get to marquee in the Cosmo before our wrist bracelets no longer got us in. It wound up not mattering though since Christina left her ID in San Diego and we couldn't get in anyway. 
Overall, it was quite the night. I didn't pay for drinks or leggings, got to hang out with some fantastic people along with my bf and bestie and we spent some time wandering around MB before crashing around 3am. Crazy times. 

A Shiver of Sharkies pt. 1

Just got back from the most fantastic weekend in Vegas at Sharkiecon 2013! I couldn't have imagined all the fun shenanigans, meeting new friends, and so many goodies to be had! It was really way too much to just word vomit out, so I broke it up I to days...

Outfit 1
To arrive, I wore my sharkie shooter for easy recongnition for other Sharkies, wet look black suspenders, and skull litas as well as a pyramid necklace from brandy Melville. My bestie Christina, boyfriend, and I got to the hotel just before 10, checked in early, and we're able to settle in and get some food as well as have a mini nap before we had to be anywhere. It was a first time in Vegas for all three of us and we were a touch blown away with how impressive Mandalay Bay was. We got a room on the 18th floor with a view of the zillions of pool they have to offer, had 2 queen beds and a nice big bathroom so we all had space for all the things we brought.  
Since we signed up for 1-2 fittings, we put off registration til then too, and met everyone down by the elevators, which seemed like a huge group, but was really only a teeny fraction of all the girls who came. We were all super excited and overflowing with anticipation, so when 'Handsome Cam' came down and got us, I can only imagine what people thought of all the screaming. This man is a celebrity to us and we were very much starstruck. To make it better, he led us up to the blackmilk suite, the holy land of nylon. 
Girls crowded around waiting to be let through the streamers and enjoy the delights that awaited us on the other side. We could check in, try on the new soon-to-be-released collaboration line between solestruck and blackmilk, take photos in the photo booth with jL, Cam, and the mega hotties, order clothes with the special Vegas discount code, or of course, try on all the things!!!
Christina and I almost couldn't decide what to do with all the fantastic options, so first things first, we tried on all the things :) Everything we could get our hands on we tried; new styles, old styles, Halloween and Harry Potter, we got it done. And then we were even more lost for words when jL  was just there in front of us being fabulous. We said hi and he showed us previews of the Christmas collection with bathing suits and new fantastic gym wear. So many pix I can't even explain. But here's one of me being a nonfunctional conversation partner with the emperor himself
Freals. I didn't even know how to speak to this wonderful man. He makes the shiny goodness I crave which speaks to my soul. But anywho... Then it was off to check out the solestruck goodness and omfg. Did they have some shoes. They even brought some potential designs for part 2 of their future lines with blackmilk. 
Yup. That happened. I'd say I chose the shoe life, but the shoe life chose me. Took some pix with the shoes too cuz solestruck said they're doing some sort of board online for this collaboration and needed some peectures. Don't have to tell xtina and I twice...
So after checking in and everything, we made our way to another room, so we could attend the 'buy sell swap' event for girlies to do just that with things others brought. We both got some goodies from jewelry sellers and fox and owl, and after perusing the goods headed back to our room to get ready for the podcast
sharpiecon 293.JPG
sharpiecon 293.JPG