Friday, August 28, 2015

Makeup for days and days...

   Another day and here's yet another palette! UD's old Smoked palette finally got to see its day in the sun after I've had it in my beauty arsenal for like 3 months.  I wasn't super sure what I wanted to do with this one, as the colors are really heavy and dark for the most part, but there are a couple of really nice neutrals that make it all even out nice. I also wound up adding a different coppery moon dust to the lid to give some shimmer and blend with the rest of the shadow. Even though the palette isn't really around anymore, all of the colors in it are still available.
Also keeping the whole new lipstick ea. day thing going, I used one of my Lime Crime Velvetines in Wicked to go with the nice sort of autumn colors I had going on in the eye look. I really do like the velvetines quite a bit, thigh they can be a bit drying and i feel like you really need to have some nice non-chapped lips going on for them to work out well. This color in particular tends to come off a little more than you would typically expect of these bad boys, as they really do stay on and don't get on anything (unless you're eating), so I don't recommend wearing white with this lipstick... But same brow shindig going on, and Cannonball mascara are also getting in here.

And here's some Black Milk for good measure. These shoes are SO damn comfy, i need one in every color. SolestruckXBlackmilkclothing forever. Seriously love this bomber though, I need like 5 of them. How can you say no to Disney too?? You can't.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Makeup! Pt... i-lost-track!

OMG ANOTHER NAKED PALETTE! How many of these things do i have?? All of them. The answer is all of them. But anywho, I just got my fancy new Lime Crime CRY BABY lipstick the other day and was crazy itching to try it out. OMG HERE IT IS IN ALL ITS GLORY.

I definitely did an entire head-to-toe look based solely on lipstick. i just accept that these are things i do now.

Mooooving on, Once I decided what I was wearing, I figured Naked3 would complement nicely both with the crazy bright lipstick as well as the red/pink tones in my skirt, and lemmeh just sayyyyy, so much love. I feel like i made good decisions today. I really love the Naked3 palette, just cuz it's so nice and rosy and happy. Definitely not an intense look like so many others, it's subtle and sweet, and even a little dainty. Even the shimmer in it is light and really doesn't wind up all over your face. So feminine omg.

So. Naked3 eyeshadow, Lancome's Grandiose mascara, usual brow game, Too Faced bronzer, and my new love, Cry baby on mah face. And for the lipstick-inspired outfit, Black Milk Sweetheart Sky Blue Bodysuit and Gorgeous Garden Cheerleader Skirt along with one of my favorite pairs of Miistas, Rachel.

And here's one more just cuz "i think something just fell down my boobs" is always a fun look.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Even more makeupssss

Ok, so it's starting to get a touch harder to use palettes, since most from this point have little to no color, just neutrals. I feel like I kinda cheated a little today, but it's ok. I used the Naked Basics palette, which is a really nice option to get a solid base before another (more fun) look. I've only used this palette super sparingly up to this point, but I was pretty content with the result. I also couldn't stand it, so added a gold moon dust (any color would work, as they're really just super shimmer things) and dusted a bit of Lounge eyeshadow to add a touch of depth to the corners without adding black. 
Lounge is seriously one of my favorites– I hate having single eyeshadows lying around and prefer to just work with palettes out of convenience (and laziness), but I fucking love Lounge. Actually, all of the summer shades are super duper pretty, but Lounge works with so many colors, neutral or no, and has such a nice shift to it I can't even imagine not having it around.

I finished off with the usual brow shenanigan, and kept up the lipstick variation using Naked super saturated lipstick, which i don't think is a thing anymore, but the revolution lipstick of the same color looks the same. Also, I've started incorporating a bunch of different mascaras into the routine, but i'll do a shenanigan comparing them all at a later time. Today I just used Cannonball since it's waterproof and it was yoga at work today. didn't want to have raccoon eyes at work ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Don't worry, still have like 6 more after this...

Ok, i don't even know what number day this is of palette fun, but i just did some thinking about how many i still haven't used, and it's at least six. Maybe even seven. Onward!

I went with the UD Theodora Oz palette from a couple years ago (companion to Glinda), and kinda did the whole 'it-came-with-this-stuff-so-might-as-well-use-it' thing again like yesterday. This palette had the F-Bomb super saturated lipstick (can get the color in regular lipstick) and Zero eye pencil included, so i smudged the pencil out and mostly covered it with my liquid liner, and used Bad Blood lip liner along with the F-Bomb lipstick. Same brow box/tamer shenanigan as per usual, but i also added a super light dusting of the Bittersweet afterglow blush just to get a little exciting.

Since I was going with this palette, I tried to do a little Theodora-inspired look as well, a little classic with darks and burgundy.  Super old dress from Nasty Gal, Black Milk Sheer legs, and this sweet crop sweater from LF. It's a little heavy for the last days of summer, but my office is set at like 45º all the time and it's not even very sunny today. But hey, at least i managed to keep up the different eye look/lipstick!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Omg there's still more makeup

Ok, keeping the ball rolling with yet another palette, here's my UD NOTR (Naked on the Run) look using almost the entire palette.

There are actually a lot of ways to use these colors, despite the fact there're only 6 shades, so I went a little neutral to go along with the general theme of the outfit. I want to love NOTR, cuz it's got my favorite mascara (Perversion), a great eye pencil, and a lipgloss I actually like, but the big problem I have with it is that there's no included brush!! I mean, wtf. How is it 'on the run' when you still have to have enough foresight to carry a separate brush that can't go in the container?? I don't know, that one detail really gets to me. I also don't love the shades of blush and bronzer, just cuz I have others that work so much better with my skin tone. Seriously though, I'm not trying to do my eyeshadow with my fingers. 

So used the eye shadows, mascara, eye liner (Stag), and lipgloss (Sesso) in NOTR, and added my customary black liner over the smudged pencil. I also forgot to mention, I added another skin care item to the routine, La Roche-Posay's Anthelios AOX. It's a face sunscreen that has all kinds of protection, dries seamlessly non-greasy, and goes under your makeup. It also doesn't smell like sunscreen is following you around all day which is even better. I seriously love it.

And finally here's the whole shebang, it's Monday, so I barely wanted to get out of bed let alone look like a real person, so I got on two of my fave black milk items- the Good Guy top and Awesome HW leggings, this tank from LF that I love (I bought a black one awhile ago and loved it so much I got this one too), and these sweet YRU cat flats. Cuz why not add a cat to every outfit. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Makeup Pt. 8

My mom's been in town for a couple days so I haven't posted the continuance of the eyeshadow challenge, but I've been doing it!! And I have photographic evidence to boot.

Here's a fancy work selfie where I've got the Naked Smoky palette going on using the silver/blue shades and a couple neutrals. I freaking love this palette. No joke- I have all the Naked palettes, and it is totally worth the hype. I won't lie, before it came out, I agreed with a lot of the comments that a lot of the colors you could get with the other Nakeds, and you could totally do smoky looks with them, but this palette doesn't fuck around. It is amazing.

What's great about it (besides how gorgeous the colors are), is how the colors aren't crazy opaque- you can really later them and build to get great shading. You definitely don't need to be an expert makeup artist to master a smoky eye and not look like raccoon/panda makeup. You need this, everyone needs it. I seriously can't say enough great things about it. If I didn't love bright color so much, I could wear it every day. 

It's so purrrrttyyyy. It works even with glasses. Also wearing UD Matte Revolution lipstick in After Dark over Venom liner, and brow box with brow tamer. Got all sorts of UD's fall products going on. I've also added some more skin care to the regimen, with SkinCeuticals eye sunscreen. I'm really trying to avoid that skin cancer that runs so profusely in my family for as long as possible. 

One more parting shot of Naked Smoky. It isn't even too much with heavy lipstick. It's perfect. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Be cool honey bunny

Continuing on with the eyeshadow challenge, today was time for the Pulp Fiction palette. It's honestly not my favorite; there aren't that many colors, and these aren't my favorite neutrals, but it's still a nice combination overall, just a lighter look.

So for my makeup, it's the UD Pulp Fiction palette, subversion lash primer, Lancôme Grandiose mascara, brow tamer and brow beater (ooh switching it up), and Mrs. Mia Wallace lipstick over Bad Blood liner (and Ozone outside the lip). 

I like this red shade quite a bit, but it's def not my favorite red lipstick for one large reason- hardcore feathering. I'm wearing TWO lip liners, one to color in the lines and help prevent feathering, and one outside of my lips whose only purpose is- wait for it- TO PREVENT FEATHERING. That is one determined lipstick. I would prefer it to stay in place. Plus the color somehow manages to get on everything. I'm not even touching my face and suddenly it's all over my hands. Messy lipstick+white shirt do not equal good things. 

I decided to do a whole Mia Wallace inspired look too, cuz Pulp Fiction obviously. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Makeup Pt. Sixxx

OK, today has been a great day. I finally got some color in here, we had my favorite coffee truck Frijolito's at work today, some goodies i've been waiting for have finally shipped/arrived, and it's also yoga day at work. Wooooooo! I pretty much wanted to be a mermaid today to seriously take full advantage of the last few days of summer, plus since it was yoga day at work comfort also works for mermaidy goodness (and i'll take really any excuse to wear a catsuit).

Such shells! Much blue! one-piece outfit is almost like having a tail (ya know, the whole one piece thing), and sea-blue nails to match. too fun.

This is a super old UD palette I've had for like 5 years, i don't even remember what it's called, but it has a bunch of best-seller eyeshadows (like Peace and Scratch) so everything is still available. Since I already used my electric and vice3 palettes for this challenge, i wanted to get that nice blue/green/yellow combo somewhere else. The girl at the amaze balls Frijolito's coffee truck this morning said i looked like a mermaid and that's really all I could ask for.

So look today was that palette (just looked it up, it was the Deluxe shadow palette), normal brow game, and instead of actual lipstick, I switched it up to this nifty gloss, UD Naked Lipgloss in Freestyle. I normally really don't like glosses cuz they're too sticky and don't spread evenly, but this one is awesome cuz it's smooth and even, so it doesn't pool color in particular places, and sheer enough that i can get a nude lip that doesn't make me look like I had a botched collagen job. (which nudes actually do do to me. so dumb.)

And here's the full mermaid look, i got a little distracted by how dirty my toes were, but they were still blue, and i imagine ariel walking off a sandy beach wasn't spotless either so whatevs. Black Milk clothing The Catsuit (rad gym wear), and MYVL top.

Seriously though, if you have an opportunity to get in on this Frijolito's place, do it. Horchata Latte. that's really all i need to say (but here's the yelp).

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Makeups! Pt. 5!

Trying to get exciting with it now! Woohoo! Ok but really. Day 5 of eyeshadow/lipstick challenge is a success.

Decided to switch it up a bit and used Lime Crime's Venus palette today, which is actually one of my favorites. I have a few issues with Lime Crime as a whole, between all the financial scandal, leadership questions, and the insinuation that they may not be as vegan as they claim, but all that aside, I still wear the makeup. And to be honest, I freaking love these colors. They all blend so beautifully, it's super easy to get so many different looks but still have every color work together. And while i know you could go and buy each color individually from other brands, I Hate having a zillion individual eyeshadows. When i do my makeup in the morning, i reach for a palette, not a handful of components. My biggest problem with this particular palette is actually the craftsmanship of the package itself, not the shades, in that it fell apart really quickly, with the mirror completely detaching to reveal what looks like the mirror being hot glued on. But whatever, at the end of the day, eets so puurrrrrrttyyy. 

So today's makeup wound up being Venus palette, same eyebrow shenanigans, and UD Matte Revolution lipstick in 1993 over the same color lipliner. (With Velvet Sphinx swimwear and tank)

Makeup Pt. 4

So I tried out this palette I pretty much haven't used before, the Glinda UD palette that was from the Oz collection a while back. It's a nice soft color scheme, kind of lavenders and pinks, which felt nice with the almost-Lisa-frank Black Milk getup I was wearing. Definitely crazy feminine with the pink lipstick and all. And this is actually one of my fave lipsticks, it's super pigmented, a great shade, and something about it seems to go just right with like everything. 

Also I got new claws over the weekend 

Such color! Much sparkle! Wanted to do something a bit bright for the last few days of summer (sniff sniff). 

So anyhow, to recap, Glinda palette on eyes, same brow situation as before (I really need to get it together and try out that brow beater), and UD revolution lipstick in Catfight

Sunday, August 16, 2015


So a little bit ago I made the determination to myself that I'd be more productive in life and stick to things and see them through, ya know, all that jazz, and was going to really commit to this here blog shenanigan. Clearly it didn't work out so well. I'm always like 'ok, it's time to blog' and my inner voice is like 'nooooooo it's time to sleeepppppppp' so i say ok, sleepy time. then later on, 'ok, it's really time to write a post now, f'real this time' and again, my inner voice goes 'noooooooo it's time to do NOTHING' and inner voice always wins, cuz it's a prick like that. But anywho, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to write something And do nothing at the same time to get some good ol' motivation going for myself, so here's the result.

Now, a couple days ago i posted that i was really going to do this thing (f'real for real), and play with a diff eyeshadow palette every day, which is going so far so good, and i figured i could piggyback that challenge with another i've been thinking about, different lipstick every day.

I have a truly stupid amount of lipstick for the average female, non-makeup artist, and I probably can't name them all, nor think of which individual color each is, off the top of my head, so I figured I should really figure this out. For science.

So here's Day 3's look

I didn't have my awesome friend Niki around (she takes the best pix of me) so I tried two selfies, one in sunlight and one indoors in natural light.

 It was kind of hard to capture, but I used another neutral look featuring navy shadow to go with my top. 

So UD Vice3 palette on eyes, my brow box/brow tamer combo, and UD revolution lipstick in Rush to finish up the whole neutral shenanigan. Three whole days now. New record!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Makeup Pt. 2

Day 2 of Eyeshadow Palettes! Wooooo consistency is a thing!

Also, definitely not so great at this whole capturing an eyeshadow look, but that's ok, it's finally the weekend and i felt like GO BIG OR GO HOME with all the pink. Side note, still keeping with the whole using diff lipstick erryday too. a whole two days down! sweet!

UD Electric palette on eyes, and got brow box and brow tamer in there too.

Also i was super down for my outfit today too, so here's that. Got some good ol' Black Milk Clothing, JC Litas, and Valfré.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Too much makeup

It has recently come to my attention that I have a truly ridiculous amount of makeup on hand. I freaking love makeup. Really really hard. So when the last two weeks I couldn't wear any (silly eyeball issues), it really broke my heart. I literally stared at all of the pretties at my disposal that were practically laughing at me, utterly despondent that I couldn't play to my hearts content. Makeup is something very special and means different things to different people, and for me not wearing at least my customary eyeliner was like seeing a stranger in the mirror. It wasn't fun at all. Luckily, my unhappy makeup fast is broken and I can finally have at it!! Naturally I want to wear every single thing all at once, but that's quite silly in all honesty, so instead I've found a way to ration myself and get some serious satisfaction in the process: using a different eyeshadow palette every day. I've decided to limit each day to only the colors in the palette of the day, and only when I've used them all can I start blending. I'm clearly terrible at sticking to things, but I'm really going to try to commit myself. It's not really that long of each leg. So here goes! 

Day 1

I decided to start light with the original UD Naked palette, just a light dusting of some bronzes to add a touch of definition and a hint of shimmer. I realized I can also try to start working on my use of different lipsticks every day, as it's a struggle to switch it up with those also. 

So. Naked on eyes, brow box, and Matte Tilt on lips over Bang liner.