Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adventures in Pho!

When your new quarter of classes starts out with a field trip, you know it's going to be a good term, and when that field trip involves delicious Vietnamese cuisine, count me in!

Little Saigon Noodle, located on Newhope in Fountain Valley is an affordable little eatery where one can find pho in abundance, and even leave with meals for days. This trip being a group outing and all, we were actually accommodated pretty quickly with seats and waters even though the small restaurant was fairly full. We ordered a few minutes later, and were rapidly presented with heaping plates of large spring rolls. While Vietnamese is not often my first choice for meals, I do enjoy some spring roll from time to time and these definitely didn't disappoint with the crunchy carrots, shrimp, spice, and all wrapped up in an aesthetically pleasing little transparent wrap. Next came out the bowls of pho, and I must say I was a touch intimidated.. 

Pictured above, you can see the "small" bowl a friend and I shared, though there was nothing small about it. Packed with huge chucks of chicken, a veritable salad, and pho pho pho, it was certainly an impressive amount of food for the meager price. I'd never actually partaken in pho before, but my tastebuds were fairly pleased. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the chicken and veggies were quite tasty, and despite being large chunks of everything it was surprisingly easy to eat– you just have to dive in double-fisting utensils with chopsticks in one hand and a fork in the other (with the occasional spoon thrown in). 

We were there long enough for the lunch crowd to slowly dissipate, staying well over an hour, and had ourselves a nice little lunch with decent service. I won't say it's the greatest meal I've ever had in my life (nothing beats a perfect filet mignon), but for the speed and price, and even the glittery business card that tickled my fancy, I'm sure I'll head back this way next time I get some Asian cravings.

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