Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Don't worry, still have like 6 more after this...

Ok, i don't even know what number day this is of palette fun, but i just did some thinking about how many i still haven't used, and it's at least six. Maybe even seven. Onward!

I went with the UD Theodora Oz palette from a couple years ago (companion to Glinda), and kinda did the whole 'it-came-with-this-stuff-so-might-as-well-use-it' thing again like yesterday. This palette had the F-Bomb super saturated lipstick (can get the color in regular lipstick) and Zero eye pencil included, so i smudged the pencil out and mostly covered it with my liquid liner, and used Bad Blood lip liner along with the F-Bomb lipstick. Same brow box/tamer shenanigan as per usual, but i also added a super light dusting of the Bittersweet afterglow blush just to get a little exciting.

Since I was going with this palette, I tried to do a little Theodora-inspired look as well, a little classic with darks and burgundy.  Super old dress from Nasty Gal, Black Milk Sheer legs, and this sweet crop sweater from LF. It's a little heavy for the last days of summer, but my office is set at like 45ยบ all the time and it's not even very sunny today. But hey, at least i managed to keep up the different eye look/lipstick!

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