Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NYX Wicked Lippies

Oh man, i got some gorgeous lip colors. NYX has this fun little line of lipsticks (Wicked Lippies) that are SO Bright and awesome, and I couldn't wait to try them all out! I got 4 to start, but after trying one for the first time, I'm definitely reserving judgement on the line as a whole, cuz this first one is breaking my heart.

Black Milk Teal Galaxy v. St. Vitus inside out dress, Gilly Hicks Sweater, Modern Vice flats

I wanted to love these beauties so much, but I just don't. I started with Envy, this vibrant, dark royal blue, and the color is absolutely lovely. If it has the color consistency of UD revolution or matte lipstick, we'd be set. If it had the staying power of Lime Crime or texture of Bite, any of these would save this lipstick. It's super slick but not sticky, much like a nice lipgloss (or sheer lipstick), also with little color payout, and it's definitely not opaque. I would call this a sheer lipstick, but it's not even, along with the fact that this kind of color is not suited to a sheer lip. i can go over the same spots again and again, and the opacity and evenness just isn't there.

It goes so nice with this dress though! If there weren't other problems with this thing, the color is spectacular. It's a great statement lipstick. So who knows, maybe if i can find a way to make this color go on nice, i'll be more excited about the line.

BM Halloween!

Let's talk about Black Milk's Halloween collection realquick. I would definitely argue that it's the most anticipated release of the year cuz obviously sharkies love dressing up all year, and what better day to dress up is there than Halloween?? And this year for me didn't disappoint. I will say I wished to have seen more unique designer pieces and more definitively Halloween themes (either classic or historical) but the Steampunk thing is definitely pretty rad, and had it been its own release and not the "Halloween" one, I think it would have been more well-received as a whole.

first halloween look of the month, dress from BM's collection 2 years ago, Dem Lines hosiery, and Sam Edelman's Zoe booties (I think you can actually still get them online)

But aside from that, these clothes are rad. I bought one piece on release day (lucky number 100!), but then I went a little crazy in store trying things on, and once i tried them on, didn't want to take them off! I Loved way more than i thought i would even like, and walked out with 5 pieces and a determination to pick up 3 more online after a restock. Plus, they're doing postcards again!! I loved the whole story they had to go along with this release, it really tied everything together, and the photos are really cool. (And I'll also add that the story was better than the plot of Crimson Peak, which i'm still sad was so disappointing, but that's not the point here..)

MYVL top, Lime Crime Jinx velvetine, Quay sunnies, BM Burned Velvet Wine Split Skirt

My plan for the month has been to wear nothing but halloweeny/spooky/autumn clothes that in some way fall within that theme, so I will def be whipping out all of the good stuff.

Quay sunnies (i love them), UD Matte Lipsticks in 1993 and Stark Naked with 1993 liner, BM Spellbound Reversible Skater dress, suuuuper old Steve Madden booties (they have lightning bolts and weird shit carved into the leather :D). It seems like i'm going with this witchy thing in earnest this month so far

Also, Black Milk is doing their #BMHalloween competition on insta again, so I will for sure be getting in on that. I've incorporated two BM items into my costume for this year, and I seriously can't wait to put it all together. But here are a couple from last year. Bf, my friend and I were villains.

So anyhow, some of these pix didn't come out great, but still fun to show some of the highlights from this month so far. And I got another repost!!! Woohoo! #LifeGoals

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Naked Supreme

Ok going in another direction now, I wanted to try out all of the UD's Most Wanted looks, starting with Naked Supreme.

This look uses the Naked3 palette, pencil eyeliners in Darkside and Darkheart, and Naked lipgloss in the color Naked. But for me I skipped on the top pencil eyeliner and opted for my traditional black wing. Also, since I'm still trying to use different lip colors, I'm wearing Rule 34 lipgloss, which is really similar to Naked, but isn't sparkly. And as always, finished with Perversion and Subversion.

Each look also has a super handy step-by-step as well as an easy to follow video tutorial so it's not hard to get the same look. And they also don't turn out as crazy as those model shots lead you to believe. This is a really soft option, but is just a little more defined than what i would say the looks Naked3 usually brings to mind.

Also it's still summery weather despite being fall, so I paired the Naked Supreme look with an old jeweled pair of Sam Edelman's sandals and this ultra-sweet Kitten Me Right Meow playsuit from Black Milk. Every year BM does a release where a dollar from every sale goes to a specific animal cause, and this time around it was all about the kitties at RSPCA Qld for the World Cat Day initiative! So of course, definitely got on that. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Woodsy Wedding Weekend

Oh man, it's been a little bit since i've had time to get on here, but being without Internet or reception for 4 days is crazy. It's taking me so long to catch up, you'd think i could get my shit together before now! But anyway, here's what happened. My cousin decided to get married up by Big Bear this past weekend at this nifty summer camp type place in the woods, which was beautiful and remote, freezing and totally removed from civilization called Crazzy's Wasewagon Camp and Retreat. It was a really, really fun weekend, a great time with family, but man is it good to be home.

The entrance to drive through a stream!

I took a ton of pictures, but basically didn't get any of my makeup or outfit that I was particularly happy with, however bf and i got some pretty good shots in this adorable Photo Booth camper called OhSnap! that was tons of fun. But basically we were there thursday-sunday, the wedding was saturday, and it was the most beautiful ceremony, i cried THE WHOLE time. And we also stayed up past 330am every morning, breakfast was promptly at 930 every morning, so I'm still pretty exhausted. But I will aim to get back up to speed (and maybe do something about this sad lipstick shenanigan. might group them up the same way as mascaras...)!

So sleepy! the man and my baby cousin cuddling.

So anyhow, here's a cascade of photos!

ugh, too cute.
the adorable couple's first dance *sniff sniff*
my favorite meal of the day...
don't know what this was, but we found it nailed into a random tree!
the guest book was so cute, you snap a polaroid and sign next to your pic
hands off ladies, he's taken.
crazy And good with kids?! how did i get so lucky ;)
my baby cousin's mama
can see where the little one gets her cuteness from! She had me do her makeup and was looking oh so fine. Used UD Vice3, Pore Primer, Brow box (lighter colors), liquid Naked foundation, Naked Flushed and Revolution Lipgloss in 69
the grandparents/parents and so forth wedding pix on both sides of the family (the big b&w one on the far right is my grandma and grandpa)

and here's like the only iffy pic of my makeup. I went a little crazy...
I did a quick, sloppy of Ahitsrosa's tutorial here (one of my fave's) and all products are in that, brow box, brow tamer, Afterglow blush in Rapture and Fetish, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Naked Flushed, pore primer, Lancome's Visionnaire, Dr. Jart + Premium BB Cream, Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine, Naked Concealers (2 shades lighter/darker), Perversion mascara (risky move considering all the tears), Subversion lash primer... and i think that's it! (maybe)

And I totally forgot! Look at these rad nails. LOOK AT THEM. They matched my toes, dress, and shoes. Love. Thank you Glo!

Bat Those Lashes Baby pt. 3

Moving on to another mascara group, here's Lancome!

I definitely did not get through all of their mascaras, but i will update as I do wind up trying the rest of their line. I used to use Definicils and original Hypnose way back in the day, but they were never my favorites, so I revisited the brand trying a few newer options.

1. Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes:

so Mascara isn't the easiest thing for me to photograph (obviously), but i have here with eyeliner and without, with Subversion lash primer under the mascara in each picture on the left side only. Clearly there isn't a huge difference between one eye and the other, but it is a slight difference in look and a huge difference in feel. currently my eye without the primer is driving me crazy while the one with is totally fine and I can forget i'm even wearing mascara.

I don't feel that this is necessarily any more doll-like than any other mascara I have, but the wand is pretty nice, it kind of cone-shaped, so it's easier to get in there and really directly place mascara on every lash, even the tricky to reach spots. I feel like my eyelashes don't curl very easily either, so they need a little love to convince them to go upwards, and even then it's not a guarantee they'll stay that way.

So this is after a Spin Class, and you can see it's a bit smudgy after getting all sweaty, and it was definitely starting to irritate my eyes and flake a little bit. But it's still Hypnose, so it looks decent and shows up even past my eye makeup. It's got a more traditional brush wand, with a kind of wavy pattern, so it's not necessarily my favorite, but it's always good to have some waterproof mascaras on hand, and Lancome is a decent brand. I think in a direct comparison I'd probably prefer Cannonball to this, largely due to the ease of Cannonball's wand and how my lashes really fan out with it.

So this is kind of a cool mascara, it looks suuuuper long in person, and even makes it so my lashes kind of touch my glasses. It's got this nifty wand that' supposed to be like a 'swan neck' so it's al bendy and easy to work with. Plus the applicator itself is thin, so it hits every lash really well. it does load up the mascara so your lashes feel pretty thick, and you have to comb them out pretty quick otherwise it gets kind of spidery. But it's a solid option for a little quick dealio, and i always like the rubber spiky applicators, so that's like the only thing it has over Perversion, which I do still like better, even though this hits the little corner lashes pretty well