Monday, January 25, 2016

Bat Those Lashes Baby pt 4

Omg so many new mascaras! Time to do another post! Since my last one I've gathered some more exciting new lash friends and have some new reviews (and colors 😁)

1. TooFaced Better than Sex:
I can see why people like this mascara- it volumizes A Lot. and if my lashes weren't such finicky little bitches, i'd probably like it too, but it irritated my lashes a bunch during the day, and had a fair amount of flakiness, and wound up with a lot of smudging. My eyes pretty much watered on and off all day. But it certainly looks pretty! goes on really easy and has a huge brush so applies a lot of product at once.

2. YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Waterproof in Violet:
This is actually a really nice mascara, though it's purple, it hardly shows as another color, and complements my green eyes fairly nice. It's not necessarily anything crazy, like it doesn't lengthen more than anything else, nor curl or thicken, but it goes on smoothly, didn't give as much smudging as other waterproof options, wasn't sticky either, and didn't bother my fickle eyes all day. so it's definitely a solid waterproof option.

3. Armani Black Ecstasy:
Damn baby! yes. i fully approve of this mascara. it's so black! and it went on over my primer super well. didn't flake all day, and i didn't notice any smudging, the only dark under my eyes is the darkest  of circles. Looks so nice :) i can def get behind this as a daily mascara.

And two more primers!
1. They're Real Tinted Primer:
Ok I love They're Real mascara, and this primer really holds up. The brush glided through my lashes and separated them better than the mascara even does, so it's definitely a solid primer option. It might have even replaced Subversion as my fave. Largely because it's even tinted! this is awesome cuz I can put it on my lower lashes and don't need to use a full black mascara to do that. also, for how much grief my lashes generally give me, this was great. no problems all day. And these pix below are with just primer, no mascara on top :)

2. Lancome Cils Booster XL:
I really don't love this primer, for how much I love Lancome as a whole, it doesn't really help my mascara out, it doesn't apply easily, and it feels lumpy on my lashes. i've used this one in the past, and never really got much use out of it. there are just much better options out there.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The stars are out tonight

My heart broke a little bit last Sunday night when I heard the news, it doesn't even feel real. I don't know how to function in a world without the Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, the Goblin King, and all the other great personas. David Bowie taught me it's cool to be weird, makeup isn't a set design, gender is fluid, and gave me my first pang of lust. He showed me compassion for the bad guy and that it's ok constantly redefine and evolve who you are.

His voice is pure liquid gold that flows through my core and gives me goosebumps-it's the sound of heaven. It vibrates on the same wavelengths of my soul. I have a few favorite songs of course, Hunky Dory is my favorite album, I could listen to the loner mix of 'Bring Me the Disco King' on repeat, his Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby has always been my favorite Christmas song, but I would even listen to this man read the dictionary. He's so much more than my favorite Goblin King, his incredible vocal chords and insane talent as a musician and songwriter define him and an absolute Renaissance man the likes of which have never been seen.
I unfortunately was born too young to have the opportunity to see this unicorn perform in person, though it was my biggest life's dream to hear this voice straight to my ear drums, no middle man, be in the presence of such magnificence, and lament that it will never happen. I know the earth is billions of years old and we right now were lucky enough to exist in the same time as David Bowie, and I can agree, but God, does that statement hurt even more. In billions of years there has only been one David Bowie.


It's nuts to think how someone you never met could have such an influence on your life. I've had more people than I can count give me condolences as if I've lost a friend, and I suppose in a way I have, though I can't imagine what people who actually knew this genius are going through. Though I haven't done it in a while, there are so many of my own creations that came about listening to his music, I used to sit and draw just lost in a world with Bowie as the soundtrack. I made my boyfriend dress up as him for Halloween one year, I introduced friends to his music, watched his movies during sleepovers, marveled at how one person could do so much and have so many different outlets for creativity. It hurts so much to think that this person no longer exists, but the legacy is left behind. 

the internet gathered some awesome stuff for me so i don't have to sob looking for it all, so here a couple nice links.

The world lost a magical, wondrous creature that there can never be a copy of. He gave us so much. We'll miss you, David Bowie

Mourning outfit, cuz gotta be stylish for this great man. Quay My Girl Sunnies, BM's the Vamp Jacket, BM's Little Lies Maxi Cross Dress, YRU Nightmare booties (the BM stuff is museum cuz it can'y get gotten anymore, the shoes represent this being my actual nightmare, in honor of a beautiful man who has left us)

PS. that whole week sucked. brb gotta go sob some more over Alan Rickman. haven't done enough of that lately apparently...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Gwennie Gwen Gwen

So confession time- I've had the new UD Gwen palette for a whole week and this is the first time I've whipped it out. I didn't even take the protective sheet thing off the mirror until now. In all honesty, while its a lot prettier in person, it's not really my colors. Don't get me wrong, I have every Naked palette and I love them all, but this is too many neutrals for me. It's just not a particularly exciting palette for all the hype and how absolutely beautiful the packaging is. Buuuut there is a lot you can do with it. (I just also got the new Vice palette and the Venus II at the same time and those are SO much fun)

So, here's the first run!
I used the colors: Blonde, Stark, Anaheim, Punk, Zone, Pop, and Baby. Probably could have done a bright lip with this, but I just wanted to try out the palette, nothing too fancy (plus I still need to get my lips nice and soft again, they've been so rough cuz I'm still sick 😩). But it's a nice neutral day look for sure. 

Second New Years practice run!
Used the colors: Blonde, Bathwater, Stark, Pop, and 1987. Should probably mention that the second run (pictured above) was done while decently tipsy, and it's a practice run for New Years makeup so not so shiny and fancy as real makeup. I also added some sugarpill Goldilux loose eyeshadow to the top of this as well as some UD heavy metal glitter eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy. On lips more UD with the matte rev Bad Blood lipstick and liner, with Lime Crime glitter in Aries overtop. So much glitter!!!
I also tried to do an Ahitstosa! Look with the gold with white (Lime Crime) eyeliner, but I def lean toward liking the black. So maybe for the real deal I'll use white as an accent and not the main attraction. 

Side note- here's the real New Years look
I was a bit drunky pants by this point so it's not the clearest, but here it is! Also added some Blackmail UD matte lipstick to the ends to get a bit of an ombré look.

So the moral of the story, is it's basically another Naked palette with a few pop-y (get it? Cuz Gwen stefani? Lol) shades thrown in. And I'll def play with it, but it might be more of a really good additive palette to go with other looks. Unfortunately one of the shades I was most excited about (Danger, the blue sparkle shade) is not nice on me at all. It loses its vibrancy immediately upon application and has tons of fallout. It even goes almost a browny-grey look and muddy instead of a nice blue with the sparkle almost nonexistent. But I can't complain about those neutrals- they look great as crease shades and to blend out edges. 
Can't wait to try out the rest of the collection!

Bonus pic from NYE
If you don't have a spirithoods coat or hood, you need one. And a percentage of the profits go toward helping endangered animals! I never want to take this galaxy wolf coat off. Also wore the Fatale Dress from Black Milk, which is skin tight awesomeness. definitely a fun wear.