Saturday, November 26, 2016

Play! by Sephora: November

Woo getting something up before the month ends!!
*so much progress*

Anyhow, this month's theme was "Best in Glow," which i was super excited for, cuz doesn't that sound like highlighters?? it did to me.

it wasn't highlighters. BUT it was a fun box as it had all things i hadn't tried before, so that's always fun for me. I'm actually pretty familiar with all of these brands too, so it felt like a nice box to play with, and I've also been having a lot of fun going to these Play Dates at Sephora, so definitely going to keep that up as well.

also still obsessed with these little sheets. i don't think that's going to change.
So diving right in here, I'm going to start with the fragrance as i absolutely hated it.

Maison Margiela 'Replica' Lipstick On:
I like crisp, fruity, citrus, or woodsy scents, and this was more patchouli than anything else.  It's supposed to have notes of rice powder and evoke a femininity akin to that moment of putting lipstick on (hence, 'Lipstick On'), but it did not work for me at all. This is kind of a good thing since i've already been drawn in to buying more perfumes from Atelier thanks to these boxes, and while this one is supposed to have middle notes of orange blossom, that's still too much floral for my taste. I do however like this is a building fragrance, as the description on the sheet also talks about how layering this brand's 'fragrance filters' can give a whole different feel. but i'm almost too lazy to put on one perfume, let alone two. Also my coworker sprayed this on my desk, and it was awful- i had such a headache i never want to smell it again -_-

wearing the primer, eyeshadow stick, and lip gel, moisturizer underneath and mask the night before

Cover FX Illuminating Primer:
I like that this isn't a straight up sparkly primer like so many 'illuminating' ones are, and this also has a nice tint to it that I was fond of. This also felt decently moisturizing and liquidy than most primers i've used, making it really nice and smooth to put on and blend in. I didn't however feel like it really filled in my huge pores, which is basically my whole reason for wearing a primer, but it is extremely light and can be worn alone fora very natural 'inner-glow' look for when you don't want to wear makeup. Not really for me, but i can definitely see its perks and makes me want to explore this brand further.
0/2, just cuz this doesn't appeal to me personally.

Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel in Pin Up Pink:
I'm really not a lipgloss kind of girl, but this wasn't bad. Sephora has a pretty solid in-house brand, so this really holds up. Being a gel and not a gloss, the color doesn't really collect in any one place, which is one of my biggest hangups about gloss, and the applicator is a very interesting shape that i wasn't upset about. I actually kind of even liked it. This also went really nice over one of my liquid lipstick topcoats, and gave a nice depth. i know this is supposed to have a plumping effect but i didn't really experience that. Overall though, I'm not certain I'd buy this, but it was fun to use and i'm not complaining.
edit: def getting one in the Black Friday sale....

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Rose Gold:
This is super subtle and easy to use, goes on easily and i really don't mind it as an eyeshadow base, or even alone for some subtle look. Plus I'm super pale anyway so this might show up brighter on darker skin. It is subtle enough to wear as highlighter, but maybe a little too bronzy for that to work on me as well, but i am interested in trying other colors for sure. It doesn't crease! so win.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet:
I've been really enjoying the eye cream from this brand a few boxes ago, so no problems trying something else from them. And i like the whole using strengths from wine, but I am kind of tired of getting a new moisturizer in every box. I really feel like at this point I've found what I like and what works for my skin, and you kind of don't need 100 different moisturizers at some point. It's very light however, dry, goes on easy, but definitely isn't heavy–it's somewhat structured, and a little goes a long way without feeling greasy at all. While I'm not stoked on getting another moisturizer, I really like this and don't mind it as a touch up for post-spot treatment dryness.

GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment:
I recently bought the GravityMud Firming Treatment so have been enjoying the brand quite a bit, but i also got this same mask as a free gift for buying said mask. So not super thrilled to see this, however it is pretty snazzy to get something that retails for $22 in the exact same size. I have pretty healthy skin, so no real need for a super moisturizing mask, but it's always good to moisturize after a shower, so this is like a post-shower mask instead of a pre-one (i like to use like clay masks beforehand and wash it off in the shower). This is an interesting mask, as it's pretty sheer and not super thick, but also tingles while on your skin, feeling almost like a pepperminty sensation. I still will stick to my GravityMud however as my skin concerns really aren't moisture-related.

I really appreciated trying new things with this box, and it's all decent branded items, so I'm still down to continue with this subscription. Just because some items aren't for me, doesn't mean they're not good products. I do wish these items were more full-size or closer to that, as this is almost like paying for the freebies you can get with orders, but this really isn't bad, and i'm also changing my settings to say i have oily skin, so hopefully I'll stop getting so many moisture-heavy products, so we'll see what happens!

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