Thursday, November 17, 2016

LBCC 2016!

Omg so many cons, so much work, everything's been so hectic, it's been like an entire month since LBCC and i'm just getting around to this -_- I'll add punctuality to the list of things to work on. but now i have snazzy pix to add! so whatevs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This was my first round at Long Beach Comic Con, and it was such a fun experience, I wish it was longer! Got to see a ton of snazzy cosplayers, awesome new artists and writers, met Evil Ted Smith whose tutorials are the only reason I managed a breastplate, and got to do another super fun group cosplay.

Seriously, these group cosplays keep me in check, cuz when other people are involved, i feel like i can't let them down, so i actually get my ass in gear.

Ok, so it started out on sat morning bright and early trying to get our badges (which took an hour+), then checked out the convention floor a bit before heading over to the DC photo meet up, appropriately held on Batman Day.

Christina and I with Evil Ted
We had decided exactly 2 weeks before to get on this whole deal, and two weeks is decidedly little time to work on a cosplay, justsayin. So i feel like i'll work on aspects of mine a but more and lots of it didn't fit, but it came together enough for my happiness, and we all looked pretty good!

a whole lotta Blackmilk Clothing in one picture
Sugarpill eyeshadows, UD All Nighter Foundation

Anyhow, literally the only thing i cared about that day was the Firefly panel with Nathan Fillion, which 100% didn't happen as over 600 people were in line in front of us and the room was already at capacity, so while heartbroken, this gave us the chance to do the DC meet up, and there were so many of us! it was actually quite impressive.

All of these rad watermarked works of photographic art are by the fantastic @davidthestrange and you should 100% check out his website HERE.

My friend Christina (Exteenaw Cosplay) sewed this amazing Batgirl cosplay together AND made her cowl entirely from scratch, using craft foam and plastidip.

Momo created this awesome Huntress cosplay largely out of craft foam and various other items (like painted googly eyes and LEDs) and it turned out so amazing! She wasn't thrilled with the tape, but that just goes to show that really if you can image it, you can do it, even with tape.

Casey rocked this super sexy Black Canary she put together, so apparently I missed the whole Gotham universe plan... whoops. But dayam dat booty tho!

And my Wonder Woman was iffy at best, but I followed tutorials by EvilTedSmith who is actually one of the most impressive human beings, watched Gladzy Kei's quick Wonder Woman tutorial, and got some really great tips from Otaku and Fit to get the whole thing together. Definitely some super helpful people out there, so all around you can definitely build it if you put the effort in; it is just A LOT of effort. I honestly don't know how so many of these people accomplish so much.

I'm really looking forward to building more, now that foam isn't such a scary inaccessible thing to me anymore, and may start a cosplay Facebook page, as I'm working on some cool things with some rad people in the next few weeks! But just like wanting to get these posts up more consistently quicker, i doubt the facebook page will happen anytime soon.


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