Monday, January 25, 2016

Bat Those Lashes Baby pt 4

Omg so many new mascaras! Time to do another post! Since my last one I've gathered some more exciting new lash friends and have some new reviews (and colors 😁)

1. TooFaced Better than Sex:
I can see why people like this mascara- it volumizes A Lot. and if my lashes weren't such finicky little bitches, i'd probably like it too, but it irritated my lashes a bunch during the day, and had a fair amount of flakiness, and wound up with a lot of smudging. My eyes pretty much watered on and off all day. But it certainly looks pretty! goes on really easy and has a huge brush so applies a lot of product at once.

2. YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Waterproof in Violet:
This is actually a really nice mascara, though it's purple, it hardly shows as another color, and complements my green eyes fairly nice. It's not necessarily anything crazy, like it doesn't lengthen more than anything else, nor curl or thicken, but it goes on smoothly, didn't give as much smudging as other waterproof options, wasn't sticky either, and didn't bother my fickle eyes all day. so it's definitely a solid waterproof option.

3. Armani Black Ecstasy:
Damn baby! yes. i fully approve of this mascara. it's so black! and it went on over my primer super well. didn't flake all day, and i didn't notice any smudging, the only dark under my eyes is the darkest  of circles. Looks so nice :) i can def get behind this as a daily mascara.

And two more primers!
1. They're Real Tinted Primer:
Ok I love They're Real mascara, and this primer really holds up. The brush glided through my lashes and separated them better than the mascara even does, so it's definitely a solid primer option. It might have even replaced Subversion as my fave. Largely because it's even tinted! this is awesome cuz I can put it on my lower lashes and don't need to use a full black mascara to do that. also, for how much grief my lashes generally give me, this was great. no problems all day. And these pix below are with just primer, no mascara on top :)

2. Lancome Cils Booster XL:
I really don't love this primer, for how much I love Lancome as a whole, it doesn't really help my mascara out, it doesn't apply easily, and it feels lumpy on my lashes. i've used this one in the past, and never really got much use out of it. there are just much better options out there.

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