Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What's better than VICE?? MORE VICE!!

Omg. I finally got the new Vice4 palette. I even got it before xmas, but it's so pretty I literally haven't been able to handle its majesty. This palette has taken me the longest to get to know and now I have another palette- the awesome UDXX Vice LTD palette. This palette spans the past 20 years of UD history, gathering some of the most iconic shades into one palette. And I have to say I totally love it. It even has my very first UD shade from waaaay back in the day, Freakshow. Omg.

I know I usually do separate posts for each palette, but I'm doing these together cuz I want to kind of compare the Vice palette to the UDXX. 

Vice4 really is tough for me, with all this color, I don't even know where to start. But here's a chill brownish/orange look for work (to go with my new Lime Crime Penny lipstick, but that's another post...) 
I love this shade Flame, but it's such a bummer it doesn't show up more on my skin. I have to use it more as an accent. But along with Flame, I used Bones, Discreet, Bitter, and Delete. 

Omg though. For serious I am obsessed with this UDXX Vice LTD palette. I can wear it every day, but I think this is my fave look so far. And the lid is spring loaded!! You push a button and it flips open! It's totally the little things. But seriously it's too beautiful to handle. 

With this I used Roadstripe, Goldmine, UV-B, 501, Misdemeanor, Moonflower, and Asphyxia on lower lashes. 

I've realized my eyelids are like, massively hooded and it's stupid hard to get a good shot of my eyeshadow, but whatevs. I do shit anyway. And I love this thing. Go buy it right now or you're doing it wrong. 

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