Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BM Halloween!

Let's talk about Black Milk's Halloween collection realquick. I would definitely argue that it's the most anticipated release of the year cuz obviously sharkies love dressing up all year, and what better day to dress up is there than Halloween?? And this year for me didn't disappoint. I will say I wished to have seen more unique designer pieces and more definitively Halloween themes (either classic or historical) but the Steampunk thing is definitely pretty rad, and had it been its own release and not the "Halloween" one, I think it would have been more well-received as a whole.

first halloween look of the month, dress from BM's collection 2 years ago, Dem Lines hosiery, and Sam Edelman's Zoe booties (I think you can actually still get them online)

But aside from that, these clothes are rad. I bought one piece on release day (lucky number 100!), but then I went a little crazy in store trying things on, and once i tried them on, didn't want to take them off! I Loved way more than i thought i would even like, and walked out with 5 pieces and a determination to pick up 3 more online after a restock. Plus, they're doing postcards again!! I loved the whole story they had to go along with this release, it really tied everything together, and the photos are really cool. (And I'll also add that the story was better than the plot of Crimson Peak, which i'm still sad was so disappointing, but that's not the point here..)

MYVL top, Lime Crime Jinx velvetine, Quay sunnies, BM Burned Velvet Wine Split Skirt

My plan for the month has been to wear nothing but halloweeny/spooky/autumn clothes that in some way fall within that theme, so I will def be whipping out all of the good stuff.

Quay sunnies (i love them), UD Matte Lipsticks in 1993 and Stark Naked with 1993 liner, BM Spellbound Reversible Skater dress, suuuuper old Steve Madden booties (they have lightning bolts and weird shit carved into the leather :D). It seems like i'm going with this witchy thing in earnest this month so far

Also, Black Milk is doing their #BMHalloween competition on insta again, so I will for sure be getting in on that. I've incorporated two BM items into my costume for this year, and I seriously can't wait to put it all together. But here are a couple from last year. Bf, my friend and I were villains.

So anyhow, some of these pix didn't come out great, but still fun to show some of the highlights from this month so far. And I got another repost!!! Woohoo! #LifeGoals

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