Friday, October 9, 2015

Bat Those Lashes Baby pt. 3

Moving on to another mascara group, here's Lancome!

I definitely did not get through all of their mascaras, but i will update as I do wind up trying the rest of their line. I used to use Definicils and original Hypnose way back in the day, but they were never my favorites, so I revisited the brand trying a few newer options.

1. Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes:

so Mascara isn't the easiest thing for me to photograph (obviously), but i have here with eyeliner and without, with Subversion lash primer under the mascara in each picture on the left side only. Clearly there isn't a huge difference between one eye and the other, but it is a slight difference in look and a huge difference in feel. currently my eye without the primer is driving me crazy while the one with is totally fine and I can forget i'm even wearing mascara.

I don't feel that this is necessarily any more doll-like than any other mascara I have, but the wand is pretty nice, it kind of cone-shaped, so it's easier to get in there and really directly place mascara on every lash, even the tricky to reach spots. I feel like my eyelashes don't curl very easily either, so they need a little love to convince them to go upwards, and even then it's not a guarantee they'll stay that way.

So this is after a Spin Class, and you can see it's a bit smudgy after getting all sweaty, and it was definitely starting to irritate my eyes and flake a little bit. But it's still Hypnose, so it looks decent and shows up even past my eye makeup. It's got a more traditional brush wand, with a kind of wavy pattern, so it's not necessarily my favorite, but it's always good to have some waterproof mascaras on hand, and Lancome is a decent brand. I think in a direct comparison I'd probably prefer Cannonball to this, largely due to the ease of Cannonball's wand and how my lashes really fan out with it.

So this is kind of a cool mascara, it looks suuuuper long in person, and even makes it so my lashes kind of touch my glasses. It's got this nifty wand that' supposed to be like a 'swan neck' so it's al bendy and easy to work with. Plus the applicator itself is thin, so it hits every lash really well. it does load up the mascara so your lashes feel pretty thick, and you have to comb them out pretty quick otherwise it gets kind of spidery. But it's a solid option for a little quick dealio, and i always like the rubber spiky applicators, so that's like the only thing it has over Perversion, which I do still like better, even though this hits the little corner lashes pretty well

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