Friday, October 9, 2015

Woodsy Wedding Weekend

Oh man, it's been a little bit since i've had time to get on here, but being without Internet or reception for 4 days is crazy. It's taking me so long to catch up, you'd think i could get my shit together before now! But anyway, here's what happened. My cousin decided to get married up by Big Bear this past weekend at this nifty summer camp type place in the woods, which was beautiful and remote, freezing and totally removed from civilization called Crazzy's Wasewagon Camp and Retreat. It was a really, really fun weekend, a great time with family, but man is it good to be home.

The entrance to drive through a stream!

I took a ton of pictures, but basically didn't get any of my makeup or outfit that I was particularly happy with, however bf and i got some pretty good shots in this adorable Photo Booth camper called OhSnap! that was tons of fun. But basically we were there thursday-sunday, the wedding was saturday, and it was the most beautiful ceremony, i cried THE WHOLE time. And we also stayed up past 330am every morning, breakfast was promptly at 930 every morning, so I'm still pretty exhausted. But I will aim to get back up to speed (and maybe do something about this sad lipstick shenanigan. might group them up the same way as mascaras...)!

So sleepy! the man and my baby cousin cuddling.

So anyhow, here's a cascade of photos!

ugh, too cute.
the adorable couple's first dance *sniff sniff*
my favorite meal of the day...
don't know what this was, but we found it nailed into a random tree!
the guest book was so cute, you snap a polaroid and sign next to your pic
hands off ladies, he's taken.
crazy And good with kids?! how did i get so lucky ;)
my baby cousin's mama
can see where the little one gets her cuteness from! She had me do her makeup and was looking oh so fine. Used UD Vice3, Pore Primer, Brow box (lighter colors), liquid Naked foundation, Naked Flushed and Revolution Lipgloss in 69
the grandparents/parents and so forth wedding pix on both sides of the family (the big b&w one on the far right is my grandma and grandpa)

and here's like the only iffy pic of my makeup. I went a little crazy...
I did a quick, sloppy of Ahitsrosa's tutorial here (one of my fave's) and all products are in that, brow box, brow tamer, Afterglow blush in Rapture and Fetish, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer, Naked Flushed, pore primer, Lancome's Visionnaire, Dr. Jart + Premium BB Cream, Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine, Naked Concealers (2 shades lighter/darker), Perversion mascara (risky move considering all the tears), Subversion lash primer... and i think that's it! (maybe)

And I totally forgot! Look at these rad nails. LOOK AT THEM. They matched my toes, dress, and shoes. Love. Thank you Glo!

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