Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Even more makeupssss

Ok, so it's starting to get a touch harder to use palettes, since most from this point have little to no color, just neutrals. I feel like I kinda cheated a little today, but it's ok. I used the Naked Basics palette, which is a really nice option to get a solid base before another (more fun) look. I've only used this palette super sparingly up to this point, but I was pretty content with the result. I also couldn't stand it, so added a gold moon dust (any color would work, as they're really just super shimmer things) and dusted a bit of Lounge eyeshadow to add a touch of depth to the corners without adding black. 
Lounge is seriously one of my favorites– I hate having single eyeshadows lying around and prefer to just work with palettes out of convenience (and laziness), but I fucking love Lounge. Actually, all of the summer shades are super duper pretty, but Lounge works with so many colors, neutral or no, and has such a nice shift to it I can't even imagine not having it around.

I finished off with the usual brow shenanigan, and kept up the lipstick variation using Naked super saturated lipstick, which i don't think is a thing anymore, but the revolution lipstick of the same color looks the same. Also, I've started incorporating a bunch of different mascaras into the routine, but i'll do a shenanigan comparing them all at a later time. Today I just used Cannonball since it's waterproof and it was yoga at work today. didn't want to have raccoon eyes at work ;)

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