Thursday, August 27, 2015

Makeup! Pt... i-lost-track!

OMG ANOTHER NAKED PALETTE! How many of these things do i have?? All of them. The answer is all of them. But anywho, I just got my fancy new Lime Crime CRY BABY lipstick the other day and was crazy itching to try it out. OMG HERE IT IS IN ALL ITS GLORY.

I definitely did an entire head-to-toe look based solely on lipstick. i just accept that these are things i do now.

Mooooving on, Once I decided what I was wearing, I figured Naked3 would complement nicely both with the crazy bright lipstick as well as the red/pink tones in my skirt, and lemmeh just sayyyyy, so much love. I feel like i made good decisions today. I really love the Naked3 palette, just cuz it's so nice and rosy and happy. Definitely not an intense look like so many others, it's subtle and sweet, and even a little dainty. Even the shimmer in it is light and really doesn't wind up all over your face. So feminine omg.

So. Naked3 eyeshadow, Lancome's Grandiose mascara, usual brow game, Too Faced bronzer, and my new love, Cry baby on mah face. And for the lipstick-inspired outfit, Black Milk Sweetheart Sky Blue Bodysuit and Gorgeous Garden Cheerleader Skirt along with one of my favorite pairs of Miistas, Rachel.

And here's one more just cuz "i think something just fell down my boobs" is always a fun look.

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