Monday, February 22, 2016

E V E L O M & other fun things

So I've been eyeing this brand for a bit after I tried out a sample and totally needed it in my life, so I finally bit the bullet and bought some of this cream cleanser I've heard so many good things about from Eve Lom. First off, this shit is expensive. Like, it's a cleanser and sizes range from $50-135, but it's also been the number one selling cleanser in the UK for the past 17 years straight. So ok, I'll give it a shot... And look at all the swag I got with it! I also joined the Space.NK shindig at bloomies for all the rewards, cuz i'm obviously a sucker who is easily duped by shiny things and rewards.

So many freaking samples!!! (One of those is even a foundation, which I'll talk about in another post cuz I've been going foundation crazy lately)

So first things first, I'm going to start with the eye cream that I got as a sample. I normally use Lancôme Absolue Eye Premium cream every night before bed (not the actual night cream, just regular type) and it's pretty magnificent. No complaints and my eyes have been better for it. So comparing this to that is a no brainier, cuz unfortunately this Eve Lom stuff burned the shit out of my eyes. Like firey beacons of pain that won't stop watering holy shit it is hellfire. So no. This is so a no for me. I know this brand is esthetician tested for sensitive skin and the cleanser totally didn't do this, but damn. The eye cream is Not my jam. 

This cleanser is where it's at though. Like holy crap dude, my skin felt like angels. The heavens opened up and there was a choir of songs kind of soft. I woke up, and it wasn't greasy, just moisturized, amazing skin. I had to remind myself constantly not to touch it, cuz that's all I wanted to do. It's kind of interesting stuff, cuz you rub it into your skin really well, get it all melty, then slowly work it into the eyes, getting all the makeup. My eyes didn't burn even a little. It was heaven. Then you take your Muslin cloth with warm water and pat your face, letting it steam up a little, repeat that three times, then wipe off all the cleanser and makeup, finishing by wiping with cold water to close your nice clean pores. 

So far so good, I'll keep posted on it cuz my skin is so sensitive, I could see this as being an overstimulant and my face breaking out as a result. But it's already decently broken out cuz stress. So we shall see!

Next up- moisturizer! The Radiance Lift Cream is reallyreally nice man. So I always moisturized after a shower to restore pH balance as if I don't, my skin over-compensates and produces WAY too much oil. I typically use Benefits moisturizer, and it really is wonderful...but this might actually be better. It smells like rose oil, absorbs into the skin almost instantly, and isn't oily At All. Ugh, my skin feels So Good. I can't even get over it. It's like how good my skin feels after the cleanser (which I just use at night to take off makeup, it's not my shower face cleanser. So complicated) and I might wind up buying this shit too. My skin just feels so ridiculously hydrated. It's unbelievable. 

There's even Sunscreen! Now, I am really into sunscreen, especially for my face cuz I am pale as death. Buuuut this made me break out! No idea why, it's supposed to be non-comedogenic, but I was not totally broken out before I put on the sunscreen, didn't wear anything else on my face, and by the end of the day and the next day I was totally pimply like All Over. I don't even understand. But will not be doing that again cuz now I have to like hardcore cold turkey detox on my skin before I can go back to the regular regimen. So bummed, cuz the texture is so nice and absorbs so well, totally not greasy at all. if it doesn't break you out, get on this shiz.

And finally, the moisture mask. So this is pretty intense. I waited to use it til after a shower and my skin had been dry for a bit, so this was also post-using the Cure cleaner (discussed in my past skincare post) which runs off all the dead skin. So my face really could use a serious drink of water. 
That being said, it's pretty interesting and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. It comes out in a viscous cloudy gel, and you smear it on pretty thick. It's not really a run in kind of material. So my skin was pretty sticky. You're supposed to leave it on 10-15 mins and then wipe off excess, so after doing that my face still felt a little tacky. But after waking up in the morning, I haven't broken out, my skin is soft, and it doesn't feel oily. So overall, this might actually be a pretty solid product when Serious moisturizing is needed, especially cuz my skin started to get a bit greasy around 4pm. Otherwise I'm still all about that other Eve Lom moisturizer.

I'd also love to try the blemish cream, but that'll be another day.

My first group of other brand samples is something called Goldfaden MD

So this doesn't burn or anything, but I feel like it didn't do anything either and definitely didn't absorb into the skin. If I'm supposed to put this on in the morning I don't really understand how I'm also supposed to wear eyeshadow. It's got a texture that's super watery so a teeny bit goes a super long way, but I'm also not seeing the point to it. The most painful part of this for me, if I don't mind spending money on skin care, but it's gotta wow me, and this really didn't :(

This absorbs really quickly and goes on super smoothly, also doesn't irritate, but I did wake up with like way more crusties in my eyes than normal. So this is fine and all, but I still don't feel like it trumps my Lancôme Absolue. Another painfully expensive one i just wish would do a lot for me.

On to a new brand R+Co! Oh hai color shampoo and conditioner. Go to the link and look at that packaging! It's so pretty 😍😍😍 (I might buy it on packaging alone)

This stuff smells delicious. I love it. I don't feel like it stripped my color, and I feel like the conditioner was nice and thick, but I think I'd be ok with just the shampoo, as I prefer Overtone12 color conditioners. But this wouldn't be bad to do occasionally. And the shampoo even helped my hair be super duper soft (i tried my nomal conditioner with another shampoo and then with this one and there was clearly a winner in the softness category).

Something else I tried was their Death Valley Dry Shampoo, which while successful, still didn't blow me away. It is however a nice substitute until i get the real dry shampoo mate to my heart, Kevin Murphy, shipped to me. Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo is everything. It smells like heaven, coats my hair evenly so i don't need to spray a ton on, doesn't build up so i can really go a while in between washings, and you can even get every little bit out of it–you're not left shaking the bottle and feeling product that won't spray out. It. Is. Everything.

ok last brand of samples– Miriam Quevedo:

I only used a couple things here, but first up Caviar Intense Anti-Aging Luxe Masque! I definitely enjoyed this. it gave me a nice boost of moisture without having to use my Olaplex treatment, and it's not greasy! which i feel like is the hardest thing for me to find. I really want to use this all the time. It just feels like it's giving my hair a happy little hug of softness.

Other thing i tried, the Platinum & Diamonds Luxurious Serum:
uggghhhhhh why do i like this so much. my hair felt like magic. almost as soft as coming straight from the salon WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU'RE NOT AN ACTUAL HAIRSTYLIST. omg omg. i know it's pricey ($65) and i just bought a car, but i might have to figure out a way to swing it. my over-treated, heat-damaged, fine, crazy, curly, hair thanks me for this magic.

So moral of the story, go to your local bloomies, find a Space.NK boutique portion of the beauty department, join, and get allll the samples and try ALL the things. you never know, you might find your unicorn of skin care.

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