Sunday, September 18, 2016

AX 2 0 1 6!

So i know it's been s few weeks and i'm just now getting to this, but largely cuz Anime Expo was basically overwhelming, i've been crazy busy with other cosplays (and pokemon go let'sbereal), and I still haven't seen or gotten back most of the group cosplay pix, so I was really holding off. But anyway, might as well just get into it.

This was the first con we went to where we got full 4-day passes (wow) and we couldn't even hang for all 4 days. like holy shit, there were SO MANY people and SO MANY things to do. we went to only one panel, and that was seriously the calmest aspect of the weekend, but overall everything was way too long of lines, or completely full, so we mostly walked around.

Almost all of the cons we've been to have been at the LA Convention Center, so we feel like we know the lay of the land pretty well at this point, but i will say this seemed to be one of the more disorganized cons. No one who worked there had any information, it took us almost an hour to even find where to pick up our badges, paths to get form one end to the other were constantly blocked with no notice because apparently if there's a line no one can go near it. but there also weren't any ropes or anything marking lines, so it was kind of crazy. And my friend was DJing Friday night for a 21+ event that we wanted to go to, but it was held in such a small location, we stood in line for an hour before we decided it wasn't going to happen- they were at capacity within 30 mins of the event starting. So definitely they could have used some better planing.
But overall, what an experience!

So, Day 1:

Boyfriend and I cosplayed as Sins- he as Ban, the Fox sin of Greed from Seven Deadly Sins (a super great Netflix original anime) and I went as Lust from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (cuz who even cares about the regular version *emo hair flip*). We'd been working on these outfits for a while, and while they mostly came together, my shoes were WAY too painful, it was hot as balls for what we were wearing, and my wig was a mess very quickly. So we planned to regroup and fix everything by the next day, as there were meetups for our chosen animes on Sunday, but that didn't really happen.... We walked around the main hall most of the day, with tons of people taking pix of boyfriend and his mega-sweet cosplaly, we met up with my friend who was cosplaying the Great Fairy from Zelda, and mostly just walked around doing pictures (I was boyfriend's bag bitch) and looking at all the goodies and booths. We didn't even make it to the artist alley. But we took a breather, went and changed and had dinner with our friends before coming back to try to go to my other friend's DJ gig, but that definitely didn't work out. So then wound up drinking our sorrows and sore feet away across the street, vowing the next day would work out better.

For my Lust, I used InstaMold (off Amazon) to create the claws, bought opera-length gloves and a regular length to make the claws work, sewed on/hot glued all the red strips, made the circles, velcro-d a corset to this dress, got this rad ouroborus temp tattoo from BadWolf Cosplay on Etsy, and worked on the wig a bit. also got purple contacts, so i'll redo this cosplay at another time to really make it look good.

Derek's Ban jacket was by Black Milk, pants from Amazon, and wig from EpicCosplay wigs. I styled his wig, and he stitched all the buttons on the pants and jacket. His tattoo was also from some Japanese site, but placement of it with the jacket it rubbed off a lot :(

Day 2:
We did not get our shit together. No cosplays, didn't leave the house til 2, basically completely bailed on everything, and were walking around like hungover zombies who defintiely didn't drink enough for this shit. We made it through the artist alley (which was literally hell--i think it was hotter in there than outside) just to hit up one booth i wanted to catch in particular, and mostly hung out with my friend while people clamored to take pix of her. We called it a day semi-early intending to really get our cosplays together, but mostly just collapsed at home.

Day 3:
Started off promising. we got up and started getting ready, intending to make our outfits Top Notch, but it went rapidly downhill as it turns out we don't really know how to use Ben Nye scar shit or liquid latex, i got frustrated/angry trying to put scars on boyfriend, decided contacts weren't going to work with all that shit on my fingers, so eventually threw our hands up, gave up, and decided to nail our cosplays for monday. Fuck all that noise. Our friends came over and we had an epic cosplay night of getting our lives together for our red group cosplay the next day. Lots of alcohol was consumed and it was a success.

progress shot of bf

Day 4:

I like to think we nailed this one. We got up early since it was the short day at the con, got ready, looked fab, had a starbucks trip, the boy forgot his pass so went back for that, and then we were on our way! this group thing looked rad and i can't wait to see the rest of the pix we took as they're not all up online yet, but overall we had a fantastic time and looked amazing. I would love to do another group cosplay, just cuz it was awesome having an army of us looking so damn cool.

I painted both of our jackets (boyfriend's came out way better), bought two adorable pins from Hot Topic, found these rad rose patches from JoAnn, got this yellow tartan set from Deandri, both wigs from EpicCosplay but I styled the long-ass one for me, and the pièce de résistance- these fucking rad temp tattoos from Seventh Skin on Etsy. I feel like Etsy finds were pretty much the MVPs of our cosplays. These were so much fun to put together and we put a ton of work into distressing the jean material. I could barely walk after this second round of heels, but it was totally worth it. I only have pix from Gil Photography right now, but will add as I see them. 

Will def do Anime Expo in the future, cuz I had so much fun despite how intense it was. Next up is Nerd Con in Escondido then Anime California, followed by LBCC and Comikaze. Whew, it's going to be a lot hahaha, i hope I'm up for it.... ;)


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