Monday, October 7, 2013

A Shiver of Sharkies pt. 2

Friday (continued)
Outfit 2:
For pants-off Friday, figured I should wear a skirt. So wound up wearing my jellies dress, skull litas, Agent Provocateur socks, a juicy couture ring, an old necklace of my grandmother's, fox and owl sharkie belt and skirt garters, and finally my nifty shark fanny pack. Yeah, that cool. 
The podcast was 4pm in front of the Belagio fountains, and there were a redonkulous number of Sharkies in attendance. Like waaaaay more than they were anticipating. We completely took over the area. To the point where random people were taking gazillions of pix of us all. JL even sharkie surfed. 
But anyhow, we watched the fountain show, took part in the podcast, then did pants-off Friday for all interested. Overall we're there about an hourish socializing and the like, met up with our name tag buddies, and met some new friends sharing a car ride to the event. 
Not gonna lie, I did a pretty fancy name tag for my buddy, the only problem was it wound up being a touch big for the holder... Whoops!
After the podcast, Christina and I decided to be idiots and walk all the way from the Belagio fo Mandalay Bay, took us like 50mins and got bit on by super creepers. Not fun. And all in heels. We learned a valuable lesson. 

Outfit 3:
Got all fancy for the nighttime fun, with the mermaid skirt, fox and owl garters and sharkie belt, Sam Edelman Zoe booties, a sheer crop tank from LF, juicy ring and Agent Provocateur socks again, and then a bustier a friend bought at a vintage shop. 
Friday night at Hard Rock Cafe on the strip was definitely the Big Event for the weekend, complete with story time, open bar, appetizers, and ice cream all on the third floor of the place with a fantastic view of the strip. Mind blowingly awesome 

We met some new friends, said hi to some we'd met earlier in the day, and had a looooot to drink. They even had these special little 'sharktinis' for us.

To top it off, Christina and I both won the raffle, with our names called one right after the other. Couldn't even believe how awesome it was to hear us both, and we deunkenly climbed on stage to get our glorious black bags of happiness and soon to be released blackmilk. In the stupor I managed to break one of my garters, and we stood up there laughing, hugging, deliriously happy that we both had fancy new shiny things. 
Boyfriend even showed up at 1030 for the after party party, then I somehow lost a couple hours after that cuz all of a sudden it was 12 and we needed to get to marquee in the Cosmo before our wrist bracelets no longer got us in. It wound up not mattering though since Christina left her ID in San Diego and we couldn't get in anyway. 
Overall, it was quite the night. I didn't pay for drinks or leggings, got to hang out with some fantastic people along with my bf and bestie and we spent some time wandering around MB before crashing around 3am. Crazy times. 

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