Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Shiver of Sharkies pt 3

Outfit 1:
One Teaspoon Eagle's Shadow bikini top (also called Superman bodice), top from LF, BM silver mermaid legs, JC Affair kitten heels, handmade necklace from Laguna Sawdust festival, and the usual accessories of the weekend
Too fucking early. That's how the day started. I was not a happy camper. But we needed to meet our sharkie friends and kin at the Shark Reef aquarium in Mandalay Bay by 10am. Btw, I hadn't been hungover in a few years, but this one definitely snuck up on me. So the morning was definitely rough. 
For being small, the aquarium was actually super cool- had some super interesting animals like a Komodo dragon and piranha, but the main attraction was definitely the shark reef itself, shaped like a shipwreck with glass spots in the floor to look down at things swimming beneath you. 

Outfit 2:
BM inverted ribs swim, maxi slit skirt from brandy melville, and sparkly Sam Edelman flats 
The pool part started at 1230, though Christina and I were so dead from being up late, the the aquarium, that we didn't even make it til much closer to 2- our nap lasted quite a bit longer than we initially intended. But bf, Christina and I did actually make it down, chilled with the group in the lazy river for a while, then got some much needed food before walking a bit with a lipstick'd jL back to the pool party to hang out for a bit longer. Can't believe how tired we were, but we still made it tithe event so at least effort was made. 

We didn't stay through 5, but went back to the room, showered, and started getting ready for the evening and roamed around the casino for a bit just taking everything in. A super nice interlude between the crazy. 
On top of that we had some fantastic sushi at this place Kumi inside Mandalay that was pretty much to die for, though ridiculously expensive. At least we were able to do one fancy meal!
Nomnomnom pancetta...

Outfit 3:
BM sick of men leggings, JC foxy platforms, brandy melville top, Micheal Michaud cherries necklace and bracelet, and the usual accessories. 
The arcade event started at 10 in New York New York, which was a bit of an experience. The arcade was nothing like what I was expecting, but it's the one that has the roller coaster on top, so that was pretty fancy, though we were pretty exhausted so didn't stay very long. We did however get a fun little magic show from a guy working at the magic store inside the casino. Super worth the trip. 

But it wound up being another night of late roamings around Mandalay and little sleep before another early morning. 

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