Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Shiver of Sharkies pt. 4

The final chapter of the most epic weekend..
The same brandy top, BM galaxy legs, JC Saturn wedges, pyramid necklace, and the usual belt/pack combo. 
We started the final day off crazy early at 730 to make it to the elevator for the 8am  'lucky dip' which Christina and I were both drawn for (lucky dip being a sample sale of all the goodies blackmilk brought for is lovelies to try on, but they did drawings for all the items in each size cuz there were more ladies than items brought). We went up $40 in hand to get either a $40 or $20 item and we're pleased with our goodies. 
Next on the agenda was the 930 galaxy pic and goodbye breakfast at the Irish pub Ri Ra, and tons of us girlies showed up for the fun. Got a series of great pix from all the galaxy varieties, and it was a fantastic turnout

Since there were way more of us than could pack into the pub, brekkie was changed to the buffet in the casino, though $30 was a touch too pricey for my bud and I so we headed back to the pub, met up with boyfriend after he'd checked us out and put our luggage in storage, and enjoyed a nice little meal still much too early. 
The boytoy had a few sports bets he was waiting on, so we wandered around gambling a bit, or watched more like, then found a bar to get a few mimosas in us- if we couldn't sleep, had to be awake, and had to be there, might as well keep the alcohol flowing. Wound up playing backjack on the little bartop machines too and managed to make it up to $5 (high rollers over here) and got the best notice on Facebook we could imagine--- last chance lucky dips open to everyone still there in any size but s and m. Needless to say we dropped some money on the bar and peaced the fuck out, literally running to the elevators. 
We managed to wind up about 5th in line, got the last two extra smalls, and I couldn't have been happier. Got the jack o lantern skater dress (a 48 hr item gone forever now) and Christina got some leggings she opted to swap 
My snazzy wins ^^^

Floating on cloud nine, we did some more watching of boyfriend gambling, and around 2 made the long journey home to Orange County hitting oodes of traffic all the way 
Goodbye Vegas! Until next sharkiecon :)

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