Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Trying new things

So going with my resolution to try new things and let tutorials guide the way, I tried something new today– with makeup and hats.

Found this pic an age ago, but never really got around to see how it worked for me.

So here's my attempt, a little less than perfect, but trying to fit it in to normal routine I doubt I'd put a ton of perfectionism into the deal. 
The nose is a touch shiny for my taste, but I can get behind anything that makes me look like I have real bone structure. I used a highlighter, dual blush, and brow pencil from Benefit cosmetics, the famous Orgasm blush from Nars, and Dior lip addict lip glow with MAC liquid last liner
Seriously, always buy Benefit face care, Urban Decay foundation, that MAC eyeliner I mentioned, and Dior lippy. I've done more than my fair share of playing with makeup (long history of terrible skin), and trust me, with sensitive skin this stuff is the best.

I'm also never really good with working with my hair, headbands, hats, etc., but I got this nifty little beanie for Christmas from the fabulous Ro at Urban Philosophy, and I think it's changed my mind about working that hat thing :)

And check out Ro's blog here.

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