Monday, February 24, 2014

Lippy Lippy Errywhere

So thanks to Sephora's nifty Christmas sets I have a whole new bushel of lip delights to try here and there, with four double-ended lipsticks from Bite and a twelve mini set (including clear gloss) from OCC- and I'm definitely obsessing off those. I tried them all out after zeroing in on a couple I knew I'd like, and with OCC I was very surprised how different the shades actually look on. Here they are!

I'm not so in love with the 90's glitter-frosted-Spice-Girls kinda shades, but the rest surprised me a bit, and I liked more than I thought I would, though 'Strumpet' remains my fave. Definitely worthy of obsession, these colors are all crazy long-lasting.
As for the Bite shades, here they are:
I swear the first three are different lipsticks, but they're pretty much the same just get progressively darker. However, the fourth, 'Rose' is super versatile, going soft or bright depending on what I'm wearing, and the bottom four have a really nice range, getting a really solidly saturated red from 'Pomegranate' and those last two purpley colors I'm fond of. 'Palomino' and 'Mulberry' are def my two favorites though, so getting a nice few shades out of this deal was pretty sweet.

So, Bite is oodles creamier than OCC, and the colors are much more saturated, but OCC has a slick feel with super long-lasting quality. With some of those reds, my lips were bright for days. So I'm pumped to have a bundle of new shades to wear here and there, trying to keep up the whole trying new things bit and can try all sorts of looks out with these.
OCC's set here
Bite's shades here

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