Wednesday, May 13, 2015

EEEP! I'm doing this thing again!

Holy crap it's been awhile since I've been on here! It's been such a crazy year, I completely let the blogging fall by the wayside. But no more! I am determined to actually be consistent and stick to something (for once).

So basically, after I graduated from college *huge sigh of relief* I managed to get a job at an ad agency close to my home where I worked as a production artist intern then moved to a freelance design position in a different department. I was still working at Starbucks, so the two jobs were taking pretty much all of my time. When my contract came to an end I got another design position at pretty much my dream job, was still working at Starbucks, and did like six months of working seven days a week before getting a permanent (no longer contract woo!) position.  Then WOOO NO MORE STARBUCKS! BIG GIRL ADULT JOB! WOOOOO!!!!

I got a little excited. I had all this new free time, and I got to do like NOTHING. It was great. But then I realized, I have all this free time, I CAN BE SO PRODUCTIVE. DO ALL THE THINGSSSSS. And this includes alllll da bloggin. So yeah. i'm gonna do this thing again. I have ambition. Posts are coming.

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