Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Face Stuff!

Since I'm getting back into this game, it's gonna be a long one, cuz why not.

Lately people have been asking about my skin, cuz apparently they like it. Now, I've always had difficult skin, and was on Accutane for like 8 months back when I was 16, and that really destroyed all the acne in my life, but since then it's been a bit of work to keep it nice and clear. I can't really wash it too much, or it will overcompensate and get crazy oily, and break out more. But I think I've found a balance. And this way I can talk about a whole bunch of products I like.

SO. It basically goes like this:

At the end of my shower at the end of the night, I use this weird nifty Japanese wash called Cure. It's like an exfoliator, but not harsh at all. It is really interesting though, cuz it looks like jizz, has the consistency of water, and smells a little like rubbing alcohol. You essentially rub it on your face when it's moist, and it just rubs all the dead skin off. Nothing rough in the wash itself, and it doesn't irritate the skin either, so it's pretty awesome. I guess you're supposed to wash you face normal before doing it, but I tried that once and my face got suuuuper red. So now I just use one.
It looks like this:

And then after shower moisturizing time! I use this one from Benefit. It's magical.

Since I sloughed all the dead stuff off the say before, I use a peel pad set from Dr. Dennis Gross on Monday, so it penetrates deeply, but it doesn't over-do it to my wimpy skin, since it's had a whole day of rest since I attacked it last. And I Only use the regular-type ones, the extra-strength were way too tough on me :( And after those have worked their magic, I use the little retinol serum that comes along with some packs of the pads (it can all be bought separately too).

Just like before, during my shower I wash my face but this time with an actual face wash, the wash part of this cool 3 step thing. It's kind of like the proactive thing with the three parts, but it actually works and I don't use them together. It's La Roche-Posay Effaclar, and it can be bought separately too, not just in a pack. So after my face is all squeaky clean and such, I use this nifty peel-off mask from First Aid Beauty that ACTUALLY PEELS OFF. Like, the way peel-off face masks are actually supposed to but never do. omg. And my skin feels like buttah after. Sooooo good. And then just moisturizer after.

So apart from those fancy days where I use heavier stuff, I use the toner above most other nights and after working out just to give my face a little wipe-down. And I also use the spot cream on any emerging blemishes too and it tends to nip them in the bud pretty gosh darn well. And I like to put sheer things with a little sunscreen on too every now and then in the morning, cuz I'm a white girl. 

Blargh. So complicated! But so far it's been working for me for a while and my skin tends to look pretty nice :) I like to spend all my getting pretty time at night working on skin care, instead of putting foundation on every morning, that usually makes my skin break out even more.

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