Sunday, August 16, 2015


So a little bit ago I made the determination to myself that I'd be more productive in life and stick to things and see them through, ya know, all that jazz, and was going to really commit to this here blog shenanigan. Clearly it didn't work out so well. I'm always like 'ok, it's time to blog' and my inner voice is like 'nooooooo it's time to sleeepppppppp' so i say ok, sleepy time. then later on, 'ok, it's really time to write a post now, f'real this time' and again, my inner voice goes 'noooooooo it's time to do NOTHING' and inner voice always wins, cuz it's a prick like that. But anywho, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to write something And do nothing at the same time to get some good ol' motivation going for myself, so here's the result.

Now, a couple days ago i posted that i was really going to do this thing (f'real for real), and play with a diff eyeshadow palette every day, which is going so far so good, and i figured i could piggyback that challenge with another i've been thinking about, different lipstick every day.

I have a truly stupid amount of lipstick for the average female, non-makeup artist, and I probably can't name them all, nor think of which individual color each is, off the top of my head, so I figured I should really figure this out. For science.

So here's Day 3's look

I didn't have my awesome friend Niki around (she takes the best pix of me) so I tried two selfies, one in sunlight and one indoors in natural light.

 It was kind of hard to capture, but I used another neutral look featuring navy shadow to go with my top. 

So UD Vice3 palette on eyes, my brow box/brow tamer combo, and UD revolution lipstick in Rush to finish up the whole neutral shenanigan. Three whole days now. New record!

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