Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Makeup Pt. 4

So I tried out this palette I pretty much haven't used before, the Glinda UD palette that was from the Oz collection a while back. It's a nice soft color scheme, kind of lavenders and pinks, which felt nice with the almost-Lisa-frank Black Milk getup I was wearing. Definitely crazy feminine with the pink lipstick and all. And this is actually one of my fave lipsticks, it's super pigmented, a great shade, and something about it seems to go just right with like everything. 

Also I got new claws over the weekend 

Such color! Much sparkle! Wanted to do something a bit bright for the last few days of summer (sniff sniff). 

So anyhow, to recap, Glinda palette on eyes, same brow situation as before (I really need to get it together and try out that brow beater), and UD revolution lipstick in Catfight

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