Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Makeups! Pt. 5!

Trying to get exciting with it now! Woohoo! Ok but really. Day 5 of eyeshadow/lipstick challenge is a success.

Decided to switch it up a bit and used Lime Crime's Venus palette today, which is actually one of my favorites. I have a few issues with Lime Crime as a whole, between all the financial scandal, leadership questions, and the insinuation that they may not be as vegan as they claim, but all that aside, I still wear the makeup. And to be honest, I freaking love these colors. They all blend so beautifully, it's super easy to get so many different looks but still have every color work together. And while i know you could go and buy each color individually from other brands, I Hate having a zillion individual eyeshadows. When i do my makeup in the morning, i reach for a palette, not a handful of components. My biggest problem with this particular palette is actually the craftsmanship of the package itself, not the shades, in that it fell apart really quickly, with the mirror completely detaching to reveal what looks like the mirror being hot glued on. But whatever, at the end of the day, eets so puurrrrrrttyyy. 

So today's makeup wound up being Venus palette, same eyebrow shenanigans, and UD Matte Revolution lipstick in 1993 over the same color lipliner. (With Velvet Sphinx swimwear and tank)

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