Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Makeup Pt. Sixxx

OK, today has been a great day. I finally got some color in here, we had my favorite coffee truck Frijolito's at work today, some goodies i've been waiting for have finally shipped/arrived, and it's also yoga day at work. Wooooooo! I pretty much wanted to be a mermaid today to seriously take full advantage of the last few days of summer, plus since it was yoga day at work comfort also works for mermaidy goodness (and i'll take really any excuse to wear a catsuit).

Such shells! Much blue! one-piece outfit is almost like having a tail (ya know, the whole one piece thing), and sea-blue nails to match. too fun.

This is a super old UD palette I've had for like 5 years, i don't even remember what it's called, but it has a bunch of best-seller eyeshadows (like Peace and Scratch) so everything is still available. Since I already used my electric and vice3 palettes for this challenge, i wanted to get that nice blue/green/yellow combo somewhere else. The girl at the amaze balls Frijolito's coffee truck this morning said i looked like a mermaid and that's really all I could ask for.

So look today was that palette (just looked it up, it was the Deluxe shadow palette), normal brow game, and instead of actual lipstick, I switched it up to this nifty gloss, UD Naked Lipgloss in Freestyle. I normally really don't like glosses cuz they're too sticky and don't spread evenly, but this one is awesome cuz it's smooth and even, so it doesn't pool color in particular places, and sheer enough that i can get a nude lip that doesn't make me look like I had a botched collagen job. (which nudes actually do do to me. so dumb.)

And here's the full mermaid look, i got a little distracted by how dirty my toes were, but they were still blue, and i imagine ariel walking off a sandy beach wasn't spotless either so whatevs. Black Milk clothing The Catsuit (rad gym wear), and MYVL top.

Seriously though, if you have an opportunity to get in on this Frijolito's place, do it. Horchata Latte. that's really all i need to say (but here's the yelp).

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