Thursday, August 20, 2015

Be cool honey bunny

Continuing on with the eyeshadow challenge, today was time for the Pulp Fiction palette. It's honestly not my favorite; there aren't that many colors, and these aren't my favorite neutrals, but it's still a nice combination overall, just a lighter look.

So for my makeup, it's the UD Pulp Fiction palette, subversion lash primer, LancĂ´me Grandiose mascara, brow tamer and brow beater (ooh switching it up), and Mrs. Mia Wallace lipstick over Bad Blood liner (and Ozone outside the lip). 

I like this red shade quite a bit, but it's def not my favorite red lipstick for one large reason- hardcore feathering. I'm wearing TWO lip liners, one to color in the lines and help prevent feathering, and one outside of my lips whose only purpose is- wait for it- TO PREVENT FEATHERING. That is one determined lipstick. I would prefer it to stay in place. Plus the color somehow manages to get on everything. I'm not even touching my face and suddenly it's all over my hands. Messy lipstick+white shirt do not equal good things. 

I decided to do a whole Mia Wallace inspired look too, cuz Pulp Fiction obviously. 

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