Sunday, August 23, 2015

Makeup Pt. 8

My mom's been in town for a couple days so I haven't posted the continuance of the eyeshadow challenge, but I've been doing it!! And I have photographic evidence to boot.

Here's a fancy work selfie where I've got the Naked Smoky palette going on using the silver/blue shades and a couple neutrals. I freaking love this palette. No joke- I have all the Naked palettes, and it is totally worth the hype. I won't lie, before it came out, I agreed with a lot of the comments that a lot of the colors you could get with the other Nakeds, and you could totally do smoky looks with them, but this palette doesn't fuck around. It is amazing.

What's great about it (besides how gorgeous the colors are), is how the colors aren't crazy opaque- you can really later them and build to get great shading. You definitely don't need to be an expert makeup artist to master a smoky eye and not look like raccoon/panda makeup. You need this, everyone needs it. I seriously can't say enough great things about it. If I didn't love bright color so much, I could wear it every day. 

It's so purrrrttyyyy. It works even with glasses. Also wearing UD Matte Revolution lipstick in After Dark over Venom liner, and brow box with brow tamer. Got all sorts of UD's fall products going on. I've also added some more skin care to the regimen, with SkinCeuticals eye sunscreen. I'm really trying to avoid that skin cancer that runs so profusely in my family for as long as possible. 

One more parting shot of Naked Smoky. It isn't even too much with heavy lipstick. It's perfect. 

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