Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bat Those Lashes Baby pt. 1

So many mascaras, so little time.

To be perfectly honest, I can't tell much of a difference in how every different mascara looks. I can tell how they feel after a few hours (sometimes), but I wanted to definitively figure out which mascara does what, and what ones I actually like. 

I have a lot of them, so this post has taken some time, and i'm showing them different ways to really get an idea of things.

This was starting to get a little crazy long, so I opted to break it up a bit and group brands together with a few stragglers thrown in.

here's the ones in this post, so let's get the ball rolling with Benefit!

1. Benefit's Roller Lash

Starting with Benefit's newest mascara, I do love Benefit and have been totally happy with their They're Real! mascara, so wanted to try this new one and see if it really curled my lashes all on its own. 

The wand itself is just the way I like it, with the plasticy-rubbery spiky wand, but unlike They're Real, it's really short bristles on a curved skinny wand so it's really easy to reach each lash, even those tiny ones in the corners.

I wouldn't say it necessarily curled my lashes like crazy, but it did make them look nice and defined, and also definitely longer, so it curled enough that they showed even with eyeliner. And on this one I feel like I could tell the difference between the eye with Subversion and the one without, cuz the one on the left definitely looks a little thicker especially toward the base of the lashes. I really like that I feel like I can't tell there's mascara on and that it makes a difference even with the thick liner on. 

This is definitely one of my favorites, I've been using it for a while and I'd say it's definitely a solid one for special occasions cuz it really gives a good dark thick coat on the lashes and makes them look nice and long. The only thing that makes this not an everyday sort of mascara for me is its a bit heavy to wear, and I feel like I really notice I'm wearing it all day. I feel like this one needs a fair amount of help to not irritate me too. I usually wear Subversion underneath, combed out before and after mascara application, several coats, and if any curling is going to happen it needs to do so before the mascara, otherwise only a heated curler will work over the mascara. 

But despite any difficulty, it really holds up and doesn't smudge under the eye very easily, so it lasts all day quite impressively and truly finishes a whole look.

Of Benefit's mascaras, this is definitely my least favorite. It's got the traditional bristled wand, but it's quite a bit thicker than usual. I find it not super easy to apply, you kind of have to go over and over to deposit some color, and it doesn't glide though the lashes as easily as say They're Real! or Roller Lash. 

I feel like it's not particularly thickening or lengthening, and when there are such better options, I kind of feel like this is one that's not worth it. Too much work for too little reward. 

Ok, this mascara is rad. No joke man, i never would have picked it up on my own, but a friend who works at Ulta recommended it, and I'm in love. So there are a bunch of reasons why this is a great mascara and I'll try to make logical sense, but it's so great I don't know if I can. 

SUCH LENGTH. MUCH VOLUME. my lashes look soooooo prettehhhhh. I didn't feel them at all all freaking day (which is Really saying something when your eyes are as tweaky as mine). The wand is everything i want–it's that nifty plasticy-rubbery applicator, nice and skinny, but—best thing ever—it's also got a spiky little ball on the end, similar to the Givenchy mascara applicator. OMG. Love. So it's super easy to use that ball and hit specific lashes, and the skinny part of the wand hits the rest while you're nailing those corners. It's great. 

Also, this is how they look after a mother fucking spin class. this mascara holds up. I am so down. Even after sweating like a pig and having that salty shit running into my eyes for 45 mins, it still looks good. ugh. yes. i will wear you all the time. be on me, iconoclast. stay on me. 

Oh, one more thing, your lashes are still soft!!! even after putting on like 2 coats, then putting on Mascara Resurrection later in the day, then two more coats. They are soft and pliable and feel perfect.

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