Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bittersweet + Mascara Resurrection

Got a short one today, it was spin class so I didn't do much with makeup, but ya know, why not wear three layers of lip type things and mascara? A workout is clearly not going to stop me. 

These pix are all post-class, so the mascara held up quite well considering i was sweating buckets, but what i really want to talk about is Mascara Resurrection. this came out in UD's spring 15 release, and it's a really neat product in that it's for later in the day to freshen up your mascara. You know, you do your mascara in the morning, and by evening maybe you want more on, or you want to get yo fabulous night groove on and need stylin makeups to match. It's typically not a thing to re-do mascara, and if you put more on it doesn't feel too great NOT ANYMORE with Mascara Resurrection. you just put a coat of this baby on and it glides through your already-applied mascara, making the lashes nice and supple to put on more coats. It's really pretty snazzy, goes on clear, and feels great. 


Look at how nice those lashes look. That's post-workout, post-mascara resurrection, + 2 more coats. 

I love this stuff.

So for mascara I used Butter London's Iconoclast, and on lips we have UD's Bittersweet lip liner, matte lipstick, and topped off with the Revolution High-Color lipgloss.

And side note, I may be in love with spin. I don't know how committed i'll be to going once it's no longer free, but damn. such a good workout and it really feels good. Like i don't feel like i'm dying or straining. Sooooo awesome.

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