Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Today was a hardcore Lime Crime day, cuz why not. I used their Venus Palette as well as their Salem velvetine, which I feel like really go together. It was yoga day again (which was suuuuper painful after a night of spin class btw) so i figured something a little easy for lipstick would be handy. I love the velevtines and have like 4 of them, and will definitely be buying more, FDA be damned!! But seriously, they are great. And the Venus palette is definitely great as far as colors go. I know I've talked about it before, but omg, the colors are sah prettayyyy even if the container is a bit on the cheap side, the eyeshadows are really nice and blendable. I just need to work on blending out my crease a bit more.. Also have on Lancome's Grandiose mascara and that Dr. Jart BB cream I was skin matched with at Sephora. So here's a closer look at my face.

Ooh such neutral, much brown. I actually love this lipstick so much it made me do silly faces.

And of course since it's a day that ends in Y, gotta get that Black Milk fix in the Luna and Lola muscle tank and The Catsuit– the best gym wear piece I own. It's a catsuit FOR THE GYM. so it's perfect for like yoga type things and i can  opt to not even wear a silly sports bra cuz so much support. so awesome. Loooooove. 

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