Saturday, September 19, 2015

More Naked Omgggg

So another day, another lipstick, and today is featuring UD's Naked2 Revolution lipstick with the same color lipliner underneath.

I went so big and bold with the eyes, I really needed to balance out on the lips, and I hadn't used my Naked2 lipstick yet, so figured it was a good fit. It's definitely more of a yellowy base than the regular Naked lipstick (which is more pink), but it's definitely not as shimmery either so that's a big plus. I felt that it wasn't too yellow where it washed me out, and it still gave some color on the lips so the look actually looked finished. 

I was hanging out with a friend today to go shopping, so decided it was an excellent excuse to try out one of my fave makeup blogger's (Ahitsrosa) new videos with all these pretty blue tones. I had a good chunk of the products she used (and close enough for the ones I didn't) that I feel like it turned out pretty decent. You can find her tutorial here.

So colors we got going on here are:
UD 24/7 glide on eyeliner in Abyss; UD eyeshadows in Tonic and Dive Bar; Chaos (from the Electric palette); Freeze (from Vice3); NYX Mint Julep mascara on bottom lashes; UD Supercurl mascara on upper lashes with Subversion underneath; UD Heavy Metal glitter liners in Air Guitar and Spandex.

This is probably more eyeshadow than i normally wear (especially under the eye), but variety is the spice of life, so bring on the color!

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