Saturday, September 19, 2015

Woo! So Menacing!

Matte Menace is one I hadn't tried before this look, not because I don't love pink (obviously), but cuz it can be a little hard to pair such a seriously bright color with other makeup and clothes. Hot pink is really a dominating color so even though it's gorgeous, it can be a touch tricky.

I decided to keep it a little simple- hair up, easy patterned crop (reppin' that Black Milk, natch), and of course lots of black with my high waisted overalls. And who doesn't love Quay? Their sunglasses are so awesome. I want like every pair. About Last Night is the one on my face right now though.

The fall matte lip colors are really great though, they're not sticky, too slick, and stay in place super well so you don't need to worry about coverage so much. Plus, they go with every occasion so can be incredibly versatile. They're bold yet wearable, soft yet steadfast, and make a statement in the best way. Ugh. Just go buy like every color right now. 

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