Thursday, September 17, 2015

Liar Liar

Felt like nice and easy things today, and since my dress was such a nice natural scape, I figured I'd go with a neutral makeup shindig to match.

So today we've got UDs Liar Revolution lipstick, 1993 lipliner, and Naked2 palette; Lime Crime Venus palette; Benefit's They're Real! mascara and High Brow

The lipstick wasn't bad, definitely not my favorite nude, but i feel like it was a solid option and it worked decently well with the 1993 liner, which is definitely becoming one of my favorites. Plus I'm really committing to this whole lipstick-a-day dealio.

Tried to go a little fancy with the eyeshadow techniques, and while I feel like it turned out ok, it definitely could have been better. I think next time I'll skip the black liner and instead opt for a nice dark brown pencil or liquid. I think I got too carried away with the nice line of eyeshadow and overcorrected with too thick of a wing. But oh well, practice makes perfect, and i definitely have a few upcoming events I definitely need to practice for... :)

Best morning ever though, woke up to a repost from Black Milk so life goal achieved, clearly. Seriously could not be more stoked 😍😍😍

And of course more Black Milk today with my Aurora Sky v. Amethyst inside out dress. I also wound up doing some #doublebm again with navy bummers... Wearing BM even when you can't see it (unless the wind gets a little frisky 😉)

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