Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rapture/Ode to Lush

So in addition to today's regular programming (i.e. lipstick etc.), I figured I could talk about one of my favorite brands, Lush! This was going to be like a snippet thing, but then I realized I really did want to talk about the awesomeness that is Lush for a while.

I have been using their products for so many years I have truly lost count, and could probably go on and on about everything i use from them (I even got boyfriend to become a Lushie) but I'll try to condense it a bit.

I love using natural products with little packaging, and Lush makes it so fun. They also sponsor a lot of charities and donate to environmental and animal causes, which always makes me want to invest in a brand even more, so I can get things I want and help out in some way at the same time. 

I've used at least one version of almost every product they sell, and love it all, but I would definitely say a few of my favorites are the bath bombs, shower jellies, Lovely Jubblies, Lemony Flutter, Ultra Balm, and the masks. I also got bf hooked on the solid shampoos.

Don't Look at Me is a bright aqua, chunky mask that has lemon and rice in it, which made it a touch rough for my sensitive skin, but it smoothed on gently enough for me to be content. I don't love the smell as much as say Cupcake, but it's definitely preferable to Brazened Honey. I'm going to really try to use all the masks in weekly succession, as I'm typically pretty lazy about masks, using only my First Aid Beauty one (which I talked about in my skin care regimen post) once in a while. SO anyway, Don't Look at Me actually was pretty nice. it rinsed off super easy, and didn't scratch coming off, and also make my skin feel super fresh, almost like a minty sensation. I would also say it felt a touch softer than usual, and absorbed my moisturizer a little nicer for a great soft finish, and my face still felt nice and hydrated the next morning, not greasy. 
Do yourself a favor, and if you don't already love Lush, go become a convert. 

Anyway, today's look featured the UD Revolution lipstick Rapture, a nice dark rosey-mauve, paired with the Naked3 palette, Subversion/Perversion mascara, and usual brow shindig. 

It was yoga day at work again and I finally got a new pair of yoga pants from VS Pink, and a new pink strappy sports bra from VS so I worked my makeup around that. Cuz you know, on Wednesdays we wear pink. And finished everything off with of course some nifty Black Milk gym wear in their Ninja Hooded top. 

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