Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I wound up in NorCal for the past like 4 days, so it's taken me a few to get this post up, but continuing with my lipstick-a-day challenge, here's a fun one.

Yes, I know there's even more bad press for Lime Crime with their ingredients and the FDA, but I'm still not going to go on some crazy boycott, it's just something to be aware of.

So that aside, fuck, I love these lipsticks. I have three of Lime Crime's Unicorn lipsticks, and I have no regrets. They're so amazingly opaque and such great colors, and they really grip your lips. The texture is a little on the waxy side, so they really don't cater to chapped lips and take a little work to fill in the whole lip, along with the fact that they're difficult to get a crisp line, so that's just something to deal with. If you put a little gloss on, the insane amount of glitter really shines through. 

While green isn't typically the most common lipstick color, it really is fun to go with something a little less usual. Makeup is all about trying out different personas and letting your personality shine, and sometimes you just want the world to see you as a green-lipped badass.

So. Lime Crime Serpentina Unicorn Lipstick, Tribal Vault faux septum, Quay About Last Night sunnies, Black Milk A Sassy Nation Bodysuit, BM Woodchucks, and Black Milk x Solestruck collection Who's That Cat Madeleine's

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