Monday, November 2, 2015

COMIKAZE 2015!!!

Omg. This weekend was so much fun. Like I literally can't even.

So first things first, this was my first con! I've been meaning to go to like everything every year, but it always sneaks up on me and I'm not prepared and wind up not going, but not this time. I made it a point to go to Comikaze (even if only for one day) and holy damn was it a good time. Boyfriend and I were totally exhausted by the end of the day we couldn't even go out and party for Halloween, and it was so worth it. 

I kind of don't even know where to start with how awesome things were, so I'll start at the beginning of the day. 
We got there about 930, got our badge and made it in time for the Adventure Time panel, which is pretty much the only scheduled thing we like Needed to do, and it was totally awesome. The voice actors for Finn, Marceline, and Flame Princesd were there and they answered a ton of questions, so it was really neat to kind of see the people behind the characters. 

From there we went and walked around the West Hall, checking out all the booths and people kept stopping us to take pix, which was super cool since we were pretty sad our outfits didn't turn out 100% the way we wanted (but we'll be working on them and adding for other cosplay type events). We eventually met up with friends and toured around the artist area, and got to meet one of my absolute faves, Camilla D'Errico! Such a sweet girl, she not only signed my prints, but I got a pic with her as well 😊

We also stumbled across Tayliss Forge who was on the steampunk reality show Steampunk'd, and got to chat with her for a bit, which was also super cool, and she was so informative (and also adorable)!

After cruising through the art area (and spending way too much money) we made it to the completion of one of my life goals... Meeting the incredible Dita Von Teese. I was literally shaking and fan girling so hard, I think I was speaking gibberish. She pretty much made my life complete saying everything I wanted to hear about her touring again, signed a pic, took a pic with me, and didn't have me carted away by security (cuz I probably sounded crazy. I think I blacked out, may have said she's a goddess and beautiful and perfect but I really don't know). 
So anyhow, we took a break for good shortly thereafter, then went and checked out the cosplayer area were we saw some really neat outfits and stuff. We saw a couple of people we follow, but they weren't in cosplays we were familiar with, but I stopped to meet Kota Wade, the cutest damn thing since sliced bread, and someone I pulled a lot of inspiration for steampunk Ariel from. 

I didn't even realize how multi-talented this girl is, she's even on Gwen's team on The Voice! Gahh she's adorbs. 
Around then we came across some Amazing Jack Sparrows, so of course had to take pix

We walked around a lot more, bought more stuff, and met up with another group of friends, my bud Christina (as Phoenix) and her friend who was Steampunk Elsa! So obvs got a pic of steampunk princesses

I don't even really remember much of the rest of the time, but I accomplished everything I wanted to so it was all good :)
Here's some pix we took of people!

And some more pix of us

And we are definitely making sure we go to more cons. Too much fun! Look at all the loot I nabbed!

Possibly my favorite items were adorable kitties with mean banners in the form of stickers by Katherine Kanemoto. Too fucking cute. And this is also too funny, but after all was said and done, after wearing a corset for over 16 hours, this was my body
Those are all bruises, in case there was any question. So much pain! But so worth it. Such an amazing time, maybe next year I'll have the energy for the cosplay ball!

And finally here are some views of my outfit and such
ridiculous makeup endeavor using like 18 eyeshadows, too much glitter, fishnets, gears, falsies, and i don't even know what else went into this
Lime Crime Serpentina lipstick, NYX Sinful Wicked lippie, Black Milk Clothing,uj Mermemerald Leggings and Buckled Bolero, Corset by Wicked Chamber, Free People bralette, leather cuffs by Jakimac (steampunk'd by Derek), fork necklace from Etsy, Starfish clips by Dreams of Neverland shop

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