Sunday, November 1, 2015

More Halloween Fun

So the week of Halloween I decided to take my Halloween inspired dressing for work a bit more serious and did wearable costumes for work with a different look each day! It was so much fun, and I got to finally get some entries in the BM Halloween contest (not that I anticipate winning, but entering always inspires me to step up my dressing game).

I got super busy this week trying to prepare for Comikaze (which I'll do a separate post about) that I haven't had time to upload anything, but here are last week's Halloween looks!

Oh, and I almost forgot, I'm on now, so look me up at Shenanigans_Galore!

Snow White
Black Milk Clothing's Princess Sheer Maxi Skirt and Kaboom Suspender Catsuit, Miista Rachel heels

Black Swan
Black Milk Clothing's Prima Donna Tulle Skirt, Vamp Jacket, and I Eat Mice Bodysuit, pink tulle skirt from Free People, Lime Crime Black Velvetine, heels from Urban Outfitters

Jakimac harness, Black Milk Clothing's Lemon Lace Skater dress, Steve Madden heels

Queen of Hearts
Black Milk Clothing Queen of Hearts Toasties and Good Guy Top, Sam Edelman Zoe Booties, Jakimac harness

Steampunk Ariel
Free People top, shell bra and corset from Wicked Chamber, Sam Edelman boots, Black Milk Clothing Mermemerald Legings

I was planning to be Steampunk Ariel for Comikaze, so I decided to tone down the look for the office the day before Halloween (we were having a big party and i made amazing Pumpkin Pie) so it's a bit of a different look for Comikaze shenanigans.

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