Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sharkies! Blackmilk! Shenanigans, oh my!

Ok so I know I suck, but now we get a nice long post to cover the past weekish where I've been super (relatively speaking) busy.

First off, went to my first SoCal Sharkie holiday party! Woohoo! I can almost never make it to meet-ups, so it was really cool to be able to go to this one.

Sharkie fun
ooh such pretty sharkies!

My bud Alex and I went together, arriving with a case of beer for the potluck, a gift for the gift exchange, and a few monies for the charity raffle...we made out like bandits. There was tons of food, I wound up with a bottle of Jack and 2 cool skull shot glasses, got an unwanted piece of nylon someone won in the raffle, and two adorable pieces of jewelry from the handmade raffle. 
It's pretty cool, the raffle apparently always benefits a charity, and this years was for Tree People, where over $300 was raised by us sharkies. 
And Alex and I bought some pieces from another sharkie who was selling both some of her handmade items and some of her less-loved nylon, which led me to getting this rad catsuit!

BM Juicy Fruit Minty Fresh Catsuit, BM Prima Donna Tulle Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Skate shoes, Apatico fire harness, Lime Crime eyeliners
Alex is such a sweetie, she got this for me as my xmas gift 😻
But ultimately, the party was a lot of fun, I was glad we went, and we'll be able to go to the BMLA party on sat as well, can't wait 😊😊

And oh gosh, I officially have a problem
It's the 100+ club email!!! Holy shneikies! I have purchased over 100 pieces from BM 😱 seriously can't wait to get my special piece!!!

On a side note, I've been trying to post to Lookbook, but that shit is not working for me, so maybe I'll work on it on my home computer and try to get some more looks up. But in the meantime, here's today's jasmine-y outfit:
Triple BM-ing it up today, in the Good Guy Top, while new world Disney leggings, and twist back top, with some of my trusty lime crime lipstick and vice3 palette.

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