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Ok, so we all know lime crime isn't the most stand-up company, so no need to dwell on that, let's just talk about how much i love all their shit cuz i buy ALL THE THINGS every time there's a sale or new item i can't live without. And their packaging is hella cute. So no need to have a million links in this thing, if you want to buy stuff, THIS is their website.

my black wednesday haul

At this point i feel like i have a fairly sizable collection, so this post is gonna focus on the company as a whole, and then sum up with lipsticks cuz I've been meaning to group them together same as the mascaras deal and i like knocking out lots of things at once.

Damn girl, look at all those makeups.

Let's start with the zodiac glitters, cuz I feel like glitter gets a bad rep (i.e. herpes of the craft world, stripper references, etc.) but i fuckin' love it. I want it all (i even collect all the UD glitters even though they're not as good. Sorry UD, you still have my heart, just glitters need to step up the game). These babies do not disappoint– they're definitive colors, they last, they're SO sparkly, and they're a really nice consistency. Unlike the loose eyeshadows from Sugarpill, i feel like these are just fine glitters as opposed to superfine sparkly eyeshadow powders. Apparently my cat even likes them... but in all seriousness I wear them everywhere. On my eyeshadow, on my lipstick, in my hair, dgaf. I love it. they're like pokemon! gotta catch 'em all!!!

Ok, so I really love eyeliner, specifically, liquid liner. It is so many levels of my jam it's not even funny, so of course I totes buy these fancy colored liners from LC. While the colors are so pretty and pigmented, they do not go on super evenly despite their being decently opaque. I feel like i need to put a layer on, let it dry, and fill in spots. And that's not really a bad thing, but the evenness problem is also a brush problem, in that the brushes are a little too long for how little control you have, compared to say, MAC's liquid last liner, which is the most precise shit there is. I don't have that many because I feel like i definitely don't need another black liquid liner when i've already found my soulmate (MAC liquidlast, my heart's true love), and these are just such bright poppy liners i don't feel i see everywhere else. definitely a nice pop to an eye look.

So I've already talked about the majesty and beauty that is the Venus palette on my palette-a-day kick, so I won't go into detail on that here, but seriously. It's beautiful. (and i might wind up with Venus II in the very near future...)

I also am not a big fan of lipgloss, so the Carousel gloss is not something I've ever decided to purchase, nor do i do my nails myself (my nail appointments are a serious guilty pleasure of mine) so i have no nail polishes. so I can't speak to the quality of either LC product.

I do however LOVE MY LIPSTICKS. So many colors. So many Brands. and lucky for me, LC has a couple different awesome lip products- Unicorn Lipstick and Velvetines, and now Perlees which I haven't had a chance to grab yet. so Unicorn gets to go first.

This is another product i don't have a Ton of, largely because i have a million and one lipsticks from UD, and i like to buy more unique LC stuff I can't get anywhere else, especially work. So these 4 beauties are great- 2 metallic colors, 2 super bright crazy opaque colors. While in theory Poisonberry is my favorite, it isn't as opaque as i want it to be, and it's waxier texture tends to ball up on my lips a little bit. It also has the same problem as the eyeliners where it doesn't go on crazy even. but it's still gorgeous so whatevs. the other metallic, Serpentina.... i could write sonnets on how much i love this color. it is so goddamn beautiful, so opaque, so even, lasts a while, looks good on my skin, it is everything. i seriously should wear it more often cuz it is perfect. Retrofuturist is a nice bright cherry red, but it def needs its time and place, it's not really a classic dark or blood red. and it has marginal bleeding with a liner. But Crybaby is so pretty. It's intense, bright, fun, playful, and as a non-traditional lip color, it's surprisingly wearable. It's so opaque and amazing, it really is such a winner.

Finally, let's get into Velvetines. 

These are my faves. The colors all go on so smooth, so even, so easy. For a long-lasting liquid lipstick, they really are great. I feel like they mostly come off when eating or if anything oily touches them, and all of them except for Wicked just rub off with no smearing when they do come off. Wicked is the only exception in that when the little bits do come off, they total;y smear. It is a beautiful color though, and as long as you're not wearing white or light colors, it's probably ok. I love each and every color. they really can speak for themselves. I just recommend nightly lip exfoliation and maybe a little extra exfoliating before you put them on- your lips need to be soft and hydrated for these to look their best, but you can't put chapstick or anything on underneath or the longevity is compromised.

Ultimately, I love LC, I can't wait to try the Perlees, and I think with any company, it's good to be aware of practices and know what you're ok with and where you draw the line. but for now, i will continue to love all of this pretty shit and put it on my face.

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