Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gwennie Gwen Gwen pt. 2

So I know I already gave the Gwen collection some love with the eyeshadow palette, but that's just cuz I give each palette its own post, and now that I have THE WHOLE GWEN COLLECTION (pretty much) here's some more awesome Gwen stuff! Woo!
I really can't get over how lovely this whole collection looks. So glam yet not over the top. 

Gorgeous packaging. 😍
I even love the liners alone. Gahhh so nice. (Gwen Brow box not pictured, cuz know what I'm not? Blonde)

And holy shiz, I am a lipstick whore by nature, so obviously I had to gobble up all of these beauties. I love them so much I even assigned them personalities. Cuz that's totally normal, right? Sure. 

Since there are 6 pencils and 8 lipsticks, I took pix of the liners alone and then the lipstick of the same name, and the 2 outliers I left on their own. So enjoy some pretty lipsticks. 

There's Firebird, the firecracker- the girl who's full of personality, high highs and low lows, spunk and spice, you're not sure how a night with her will go but you know it'll be interesting

Spiderweb is definitely the classic beauty- she's a classy lady who just might turn out to be a black widow, but you'd never see it coming with how easy her elegant smile comes

Phone Call is your school girl- all ready for plaid skirts, knee high socks, sucking up to professors and kisses under the bleachers with a sheer shade that flies just below the radar so she keeps that 'good girl' rep strong no matter how bad she is

714 is the dancer- you'll find her at a salsa club captivating an audience, she has an extra swish to her hips cuz she knows just where to put them, and a matte shade stays put all night no matter the occasion- she's always got a song in her head

Ex-Girlfriend is your bonafide bad girl- RiRi is her spirit animal; whether it's rocking that leather with lace and a bad attitude, or flashing a smile and batting eyelashes stemming from a heavy smoky eye to get past security, she's the one you can't handle, but leaves you wishing you could. Who knows, she might even key your car if you're not careful

Rock Steady is your boss lady- she's in control and knows how to take charge of a room, in a board meeting or cocktail party- she knows what she wants and she takes it

Plaid is your All-American girl- she seems wide-eyed, full of sunshine, loves her blue jeans, and would never leave the house without a smudge-free coat of mascara

Wonderland is something special, an enigma really, you just can't quite figure out what's going through her mind, like she's always somewhere else, and you're not sure if you want to follow

Alright, yes. I am definitely crazy. But it's mostly lipstick-related levels of crazy so it's probably fine. Ok, onto the Blush Palette.

This is glorious. Don't get me wrong, I am totally obsessed with Afterglow Blushes, but this is such a solid go-to for everyday wear. Like do not even have to think about it, it goes with everything always. I like to use four shades together pretty consistently, but just look at that beaut. Ugghhh. I love it. 

So much Gwennnnnn

So the moral of the story is, yes, all of the Gwen shit is totally worth it. I love the neutral colors of the eyeshadow palette (and yes, they're different than the Naked palettes), the blush palette is the handiest go-to Ever, and Ex-Girlfriend is my FAVORITE nude lip hands down. Plus how can you resist the fuschia/lilac Firebird and bomb-ass red of Rock Steady?? Plus Rock Steady liner goes perfect with like Every other red I have. Definitely stocked up on those. So yeah, could I have lived without this collection? Mostly yes, but do I want to? Hell no. 

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