Thursday, June 9, 2016


When you finally admit to yourself that maybe you have a problem, it's time to get some help hooking yourself up with product.

Enter Ebates.
I'm like crazy not up on the trends, and was far from the first to hear about this, but i've been telling basically everyone i know about the gospel that is Ebates. For those of you who don't know, it's a totally awesome site where you go first, then shop from there to other sites (like Sephora and Ulta *cough cough*) and you get a certain amount of cash back per purchase plus exclusive extras and freebies. This is especially worth it if you do the $10 free shipping for the year at Sephora, as this is an online service only. It even works for Amazon. And if you have Amazon Prime?? OMG. At the end of 4 months you get your accumulated cash back direct to your PayPal, OR you can put it into a giftcard to one of your fave stores. Obviously i did this cuz you get a certain percentage more and then it's like free makeup! You can also install a widget on your desktop browser which automatically tells you if you're on a site Ebates supports and you don't even have to put any work in. To date I've made like $40 back, and that's like 2 lipsticks, so I have zero complaints. Get it Here. Naow. 

The other site I'm hella late to the party on but is rad so far, Influenster
It's pretty fun to do surveys, reviews, and answer questions on products I use, and everything you do earns you points in different categories which can enter you into various drawings and competitions. Apart from that it also forces me to make comparisons between products I've used, do reviews on real sites (not just here) and find answers to questions I already have about things I have yet to try. You can also collect badges, and I play games on my damn phone where all I collect is cats, so clearly I like to collect mostly useless things. Idk, Pokemon taught me a thing or two about GOTTA CATCH EM ALL. And all of my reviews are on one page, if you click the little influenster button here on my home page in the side bar. 
Get yoself some influence Here

So short post today, I just feel like I don't talk about some of the ways I finagle all the crap I have when I am a broke 20-something with college debt. And I also totally take advantage of every freebie and sample I can every time I purchase something, so that helps. 

Anyway, here's some pretty nails to look at!

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