Sunday, June 26, 2016

Play! By Sephora: June

Woo! Just got my second box from my Sephora subscription with the theme of 'The Minimalists' and I have to say it's not as exciting as last month, but it's still fun!

I did this one a little out of order as a few of these things didn't really work using together or I had to wait, but I still got through all of them. 

I've actually had this mascara since it came out and it's one of my favorites. It separates and gives lashes definition while lasting all day without flaking. It's a great mascara and works even better with the matching tinted lash primer from Benefit or Subversion from UD. 1/1 (but I already had this so does that cancel out? 🤔)

Also pictured above,
This is really light and nice, though it won't be replacing my go-to primer from La Roche-Posay. The subtle glow underneath my foundation have a dewy appearance, but I feel this is best for an evening time makeup look than daytime, as it looks more sweaty and oily than dewy with the sun hitting it, and it doesn't have any SPF which I prefer in a primer. So evening is great, daytime not so much. It didn't ball though went on super smooth, even lighter than usual primer. Overall a win cuz it's something fun and different. 2/2

This definitely isn't really my thing. I'm super fair, and this product definitely works better mixed with foundation than placed overtop. I don't need my whole face looking even darker than my already lighter neck, and it doesn't blend into my contouring spots as well as a nice powder bronzer, so not a win. 2/3

Also pictured above:
This cream is supposed to be used in lieu of blow drying your hair to have it air dry in a stylish way, but all it accomplished for me was a huge amount of frizz and craziness. I'm thinking this isn't the best product for people with curly hair. 2/4

The intent behind this product is nice, but I feel like there are just better ones out there. I mean, if you're short on time you should still always put a least a form of sunscreen on, but I prefer something a little less greasy. And I like having the option to put more makeup on later in the day, so I personally prefer using a primer with SPF 50, significantly more than this, and the finish is more powdery than a usual sunscreen, so I feel like this isn't the best fit for me. Even for a day at the beach, I need something higher. 2/5

I've never really been a fan of fragrance samples as I'm super picky about perfumes. I get migraines super way from scents, so I always prefer something gentle and light, and this particular perfume is very strong, and particularly floral- a scent I'm not fond of too. So this isn't for me but that doesn't mean anything about quality. 2/6

So overall this box really didn't do it for me, but that's ok! There's always next month and the quality overall is so strong, much better than anything Ipsy ever had to offer. Plus I think I just have so much makeup and skincare at this point, shit needs to be special and super effective to do something for me. 


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