Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Just got this rad Make Up For Ever voxbox from Influenster (free for testing and review purposes) which i could not be happier about (unless it came with the black and white or matte lipsticks but dgaf gimme all the lipsticksss) cuz i have been so interested in trying these! 😍😍😍

I'm so so stoked I got this one, I love lipstick, and Make Up For Ever just launched a huge line that feels similar to the UD Vice launch so there are So many new colors to try, and there are THREE in this box!! Omg excuse me while I lose my shit with excitement. Also, here's a pretty image on Sephora of all their shades:

Basically i need them all. When you have over 150 lipsticks, it's hard to find a good reason to need, NEED, more, but i really do absolutely need ALL of these shades. All of them. i am not exaggerating here, i require each one in my life.

I wish there was a matte shade included in the box, but these creams so so so dang creamy, I'm already impressed. There's a nude, a classic red, and a funky purple, so kind of something for everyone.

ok so ignoring that entire ramble above, let's get into the nitty gritty.

I'm staring with the nude color (C211), and Holy damn these colors are not messing around. I barely touched my lips and this color lays Down. No messing around here, no going over the same spot, these colors mean business. I was so surprised, it's like, the lipstick was hovering over my lips and still laid down color. So good. I can't even. It goes on a lot darker than the shade looks, but it's so bright and vibrant, i can't stop staring at it.

This red (C404) is GORGEOUS. It's a blue-red, totally flattering, the tip is nice and crispy, creates an intensely sharp line without liner, and i just cannot get over how smooth it goes on. So creamy, so lovely, hugs every curve, not a single spot to go over twice, it's flawless. My biggest problem with red lipsticks is the tendency to bleed, and i will say without liner this one held up amazingly, until i ate food. My breakfast burrito definitely bested my non-bleeding line and the lipstick feathered a touch, but not to an extreme. and with liner, this isn't even a thing, although the lipstick will still best my chin every time i eat, but ah well. #fatlipproblems
ALSO even after burrito time, i didn't really need to reapply. My lipstick wasn't as shiny and wet looking, but the color was 100% still solidly on my lips. holy shiz how does that even happen. I don't know, but the long wear is strong with this one.

and this purple (C502)....

helloooooooo awesome fun color! I am all about non-traditional lipstick colors (another reason i plan to own the entire bottom two rows of colors in the chart at the top) and this is kind of a 'taupe purple' according to Sephora, so it's not like your normal purple. I wasn't initially sure how it would look on my fair skin, but i was certainly excited to try it out. It has that same smooth, creamy, orgasmic formula (which i like even better than Bite's Amuse Bouche line jussayin) and same perfectly opaque color lay down, and similar to the nude color goes on much darker than expected.

I truly believe this is the best (nonliquid) lipstick i've ever worn. For real though. like I'm still going to wear others cuz i need that shade range, but seriously, this is amazing. and even with the very slight bleeding, the color is still on my lips, no reapplication necessary. there is NO sheerness to any aspect of this formula, the edges are just as solid as the center, and i am SO amazed. i could write a song about this. This is what lipstick lovers dream of.

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