Sunday, July 24, 2016

Play! By Sephora: July

Third Sephora Box! Wooooooo!

So this month's bag is hella cute with the little Popsicle omg. I love it. I don't however love the box unfortunately, but it probably has appeal for people who haven't already tried most of it. For me though, my first box is still the best. But we'll just go through each item and I'll explain my feelings. 

These little inserts are still so GD cute I can't even handle it. Someone get me a job working on Sephora's graphic team 😍
(Also as a side note, in all photos I have the Smashbox primer on and the Too Faced Bronzer)

I literally got a sample of this in another Sephora order a week before I got this box. So that's a bummer, and also I'm really hesitant about products with Silicone and silicone derivatives as they can be negative for your skin in the long term. 

But anyhow, I don't actually love this product regardless, as even though it feels great, it didn't actually make my makeup look better. It balled up a bit on my skin and my foundation didn't lay nicely on it and I'll stick to my usual primer. 0/1

I also wasn't excited for this, as I had really hoped these boxes would be more introducing new things instead of just regurgitating things that have been out forever. 

I do actually love this product, as even though I'm super fair skinned, this isn't too dark and smells amazing. I first got this exact same sample from an Ipsy box (which is another reason it's a disappointment as on the Sephora insta it looked like a really nice component sample) and it is a totally great product. But it's something that at this point most people have tried, just like the Benefit They're Real! mascara. But if you haven't, this is a really nice bronzer for all skin types. It goes on great and looks really smooth. I'm giving this 1/2 just cuz I do like the product even though I'm not stoked it was in here. 

I really like FAB products, and talked about their peel-off mask in depth in this post HERE, so it's kind of nice to try the cleanser, HOWEVER I JUST got this as a sample in the same order I got the sample of Smashbox primer. So again, this is super lame that Sephora is sending out samples of the same products they're putting in their boxes. Like it makes me wonder why I'm paying for a subscription when I can get the same things with my normal orders 😑

I used this in tandem with the peel-off mask and it felt super nice. My skin was soft after using the cleanser, which was also pretty thick and gel-like for a cleaner.  So it's not bad overall, might be a nice alternate for my normally drying acne type cleanser. 

Ok so then we have a Beauty Blender Blotterazzi:

This is interesting as its a reusable blotter instead of using blotting powder. I do like Beauty Blender and the cleanser (which I talk about more in another post HERE) so it was kind of cool to get this full size product, it's just a bit of a bummer since I'm already really familiar with the brand. Nit picky, I know. It just doesn't really have a good container with it, so I can just keep it in my purse as is. Unfortunately I don't love this as well as the normal Beauty Blender. My skin still felt wet as opposed to how it feels after using de-slick or a Kiehl's anti-oil cream I love. It just doesn't do the trick for me. 

Last of the normal sample is Ouai Wave Spray:

First off, I haven't tried anything from this brand yet so I was super stoked to get this, second, it smells AMAZING. I have another wave spray from Kevin Murphy (which works amazing btw) but this smells so much better. One thing though, I tried it on dry hair first, and it didn't really do much. But I also tried it on damp hair and it worked better for sure. It gave my crazy curly hair some more uniform texture, even though I'm not in love with the frizz. The smell is heaven, but I think I'll stick with my other sea salt spray from Kevin Murphy, which I enjoy better largely as it works really well of dry hair. But a solid product overall.

And finally, the fragrance sample this time around, NEST Citrine:

This smells reallllly nice. I love the initial citrus notes, but the floral is a hair too strong so I can't put too much on, but it really is a nice scent. It's very feminine and lovely and lasts seriously all damn day. Which is really unheard of as far as I'm concerned. I feel like I stop noticing al my fragrances pretty quickly in general, but this really lasts. It's totally lovely, and I'm tempted on the full size, but that Orange Sanguine from the first box still totally has my heart. But this was a win. 

Overall this may not have been an exciting box for me, but it is still quality products so I can't knock em for giving out top notch stuff 


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