Monday, September 7, 2015

Everyday Essentials pt 1

So I know I'm in the middle of my lipstick challenge, but since I'm finishing up with my eyeshadow jam I figured I'd take a breather and do a post on the stuff I wear every day under my fancy makeups and such. Every makeup shenanigan has to have a solid base to work all day.

Here's a list of everything I'll be talking about:

-Eyeshadow Primer Potion (ESPP)
-Mascara Primer (Subversion)
-Brow (box/tamer/beater/zings/high)
-Makeup Setting Spray
-Lip Exfoliation
-LipLiner (for no feathering)

This is going to be a crazy long post, so I'm also going to split it into two parts: first 3 on the list, followed by the last 4.

Starting off with UD's classic ESPP, i use this stuff literally every day, so i always feel like it's barely something worth mentioning, but it is an integral part of the routine for sure. I have 5 versions to choose from and each does something different, so it really can be a matter of preference.

1. Original ESPP– I've used this for years cuz i never really felt like i needed to branch out, but it's really dropped to the bottom of the list now that I've used other formulas. It's not that it doesn't work well, it totally does. you put this stuff on, let it sit a sec to settle in, then eyeshadow you're cares away and your makeup still looks fabulous by the end of the day. No complaints.
2. Eden ESPP– This one and the next two are all tied for my faves, but they really do offer each something different. I love eden because it gives a super nice, matte, opaque neutral base for shadow, but is also suuuuuper creamy, so it just glides on– not pulling or tugging at your delicate eye skin to get this all over the lid. If anything, it's only drawback is the texture, in that it's so runny, a teeny tiny amount goes a crazy long way, and it's easy to go overboard applying this one, and it can also be a little tricky to make super even. But really, the base it gives is pretty much unparalleled.
3. Minor Sin ESPP– I love this one so much when i'm doing some sort of sparkly look; it's a legit insanely shimmery champagne formula. It has a similar problem to Eden in that it's very watery, and a small bit goes super far, however because this one is much thicker and spreads a lot more evenly. however, since it does have a lot of presence, the look you're doing should probably involve a lot of blending to cover up any harsh edges.
4. Anti-Aging ESPP– This one might actually be my favorite option. It's creamier and gentler than original, goes on clear, and provides a great base for shadow (while also giving anti-aging benefits). It's really only draw backs are the lack of color and lack of matte neutral color for under brights, but you can get either of those things from one of the two formulas listed above, so nbd. but this is hands down my go-to for every day when i don't need a lighter base for brights, or a shimmery base for those types of looks. It feels great and it works great.
5. Greed ESPP– I don't think this one is available anymore, but it's basically the same as Minor Sin, but instead of being a champagne shimmer, it's this super intense gold. Like Minor Sin is a touch natural, this is GOLD GOLD GOLD. So it really works the same, just is really intense.

So here's a base pic of my eyes without anything, so you can (maybe) see the difference.
This is eyes with Original on the left, and Anti-Aging on the right.
This is Eden on both eyes.
Finally Greed on the left and Minor Sin on the right.

Moving on, I've used several mascara primers in the past, but I actually like UD's Subversion the best. To put it into context, I have stupid sensitive eyes that are pretty much freaking out for one reason or another, so mascara has always been  bit of a challenge. And because there are so many problems, my eyes are usually watering, so I typically need to stick to waterproof formulas for mascara and eyeliner. After using Subversion though (and an eyeliner i'll get to in a minute), I can pretty much wear any mascara I want overtop. it really is great, and it's not like it's difficult to cover up- it goes on white, then you just brush whichever mascara on overtop, and nbd, just cover up the white (and i always comb my lashes in between coats of primer and mascara). Just go do yourself a favor, go buy this, and put it on every damn day.

I take my brows pretty seriously, no joke. this is Serious Business:
-I get them waxed every 2ish months at whichever Benefit counter is closest, but seriously, ONLY BENEFIT. No threading (tried it, no good), No other salon, just Benefit. They fucking know their goddamn brows. Strong, sexy, perfect. ugh. I just got mine done and it's like all is right in the world again.
-I have sad, thin brows that need a lot of help, so i use either Benefit's Brow Zings or UD's Brow Box to start. They really work the same for me so this is again a personal preference. Brow Zings has two different colored pigmented waxes, whereas Brow Box has two colored pressed powders and a clear wax, so theoretically you can mix up your ideal color with the powder and then use the wax to set (or lay the wax down and top with powder). Really, these are both versatile products that I've been instructed (by counter workers themselves) a number of ways to use, so just figure out which works for you and call it a day.
-Once i have my brows shaped, I set them with UD's Brow Tamer, which is a tinted (or clear) gel that you kind of just brush on and they're pretty much set and good to go. They're still super touchable and it just keeps your hairs from going rogue and winding up in opposite directions.
-I also have UD's Brow Beater, which is kind of a twist up pencil to color in sparse areas, but while i've used it a few times, it's just not for me. you can see how it works here, but It's not one i keep in the brow arsenal.
-Once the stage is set for the awesome brow game, I'll often finish with Benefit's High Brow. It's actually a great highlighter that blends super easily despite being a fairly chunky pencil (which you wouldn't expect). I'll lay down a nice highlighter shadow over my ESPP under the brow bone, but it really never works as well or blends as seamlessly as High Brow. It's super nice.

You saw my sad brows in pix above^^^ that's what they are without any extra brow help, just nice and waxed. So after i work them a little bit using magical tools listed above, they look like the nice things in real pictures i post.

Look at these brows though. Yes. A little help goes a long way, even with a great wax. Sure, they could probably look more natural than this, but for a night out and a good dramatic effect, so good.

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