Thursday, September 3, 2015

Last Day of the Eyeshadow Game!

OMG! I'm finally using my last palette!!! it has definitely been a struggle, but I managed to get through using a different one each day tip I used them all once. I finished up with another Naked (natch) with some nice bright lipstick, cuz obviously it's festive.

So I've got the Naked2 Basics palette going on, with Benefit's They're Real! mascara, Matte Bad Blood on lips and liner of the same color underneath. Pretty simple stuff, but this is Definitely one of my favorite red colors. It's smooth and creamy and really stays put. Compared to a lot of other red options, the bleeding is super minimal, and i don't feel like i'm constantly getting it everywhere, plus it really is a great color, so win-win.

Can't end this shenanigan without some Black Milk of course, with the Versailles crop top, and sparkly gold Jeffrey Campbells 'Shalimar' Heel. Keeping it short today because I have some other things I have planned for blogging, so on to better things!

At least I've proven I can set my mind to something and actually get through it ;)

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